My OPMS Kratom Experience: The Pros (And a Warning!)

Organically purified mitragyna speciosa, or OPMS Kratom for short, is a brand said to produce superior extracts.

OPMS are extra analgesic (pain relief) and euphoric compared to regular kratom. The downside: the high price, and for some, the high potency h can build up a tolerance to the plant quickly.

The difference between typical extracts is that OPMS has a higher alkaloid concentration. This is achieved by using cold water and high-pressure instead of alcohol or hot water. More alkaloid can, therefore, be extracted, and a more powerful kratom is born.

Not only that, but OPMS focus on mainly extracting 7-hydroxmitragynine, the alkaloid that makes kratom a powerful opioid-like painkiller. Isolating this alkaloid leads to stronger analgesic and euphoric effects.

You should get OPMS kratom for Saliva Extracts because they offer a money-back guarantee, which is good since it’s not the cheapest.

OPMS Liquid Kratom (Not For Beginners)

Liquid kratom made by OPMS is the fastest and most intense forms, but simply not for everyone, and especially not beginners.

Too many alkaloids in your system in a short time takes away the natural feelings and effects kratom produces. OPMS can work for people who’ve tried every strain and did not get the pain relief they deserve.

Some people even describe OPMS to be more like pharmaceutical opioids than the regular analgesic kratom leaf.

Maybe you want to try it anyway but aren’t sure where to begin? Don’t worry. Let’s examine what the different strains can do so you can decide what’s right for you.

opms kratom

What Is Kratom Used For?

A huge percentage of people use kratom to successfully reduce pain and function in daily life. And then there are also those who’ve found other use of the plant, which we’ll talk about next.

All kratom can help you with pain, some more or less. The plant also offers other benefits often to complement the relief. Perhaps the most useful benefits is more energy and sedation. Great when you want pain management and also increase energy and maybe sedation to put you to sleep so you don’t wake up at night due to pain.

OPMS Kratom Silver

OPMS silver offers a lot of energy. They can also improve memory and your mood significantly. You can replace your morning coffee because it gives you the energy you need throughout the day without making you anxious or jittery, which caffeine can offer.

People who have used Thai OPMS kratom silver, have noticed improved memory and attention span. Works well as a cognitive enhancer. Or nootropic, which is a term coined for supplements that can improve brain function. Anecdotally, OPMS kratom silver can also help with depression, but I think Malay will do a better job as a mood enhancer.

Maeng Da Silver

Maeng da comes from the Thai kratom tree, but has higher levels of alkaloids because of ancient grafting technique. Maeng Da is stimulating and the closest to be a nootropic (cognitive enhancer). It can help you concentrate, and in most cases, prevent fatigue. Maeng Da silver can also boost your mood and induce euphoria.

OPMS Malay

If you have insomnia or anxiety, then OPMS Malay is the best pick here. This unique and potent but beginner friendly strain lasts for about 8 hours. It is also great painkiller like other strains, but this last longer so you can use Malay as your daily strain for work or with your daily activities.


OPMS kratom silver and liquid are powerful forms made by cold-water and high pressure, a method that isolates the alkaloids so the outcome is stronger in potency.

In my opinion, it is not worth it. Go for the typical kratom, which is more than good enough?

Don’t take OPMS kratom if you don’t want to risk developing a tolerance to the plant. If you do want to try it you should go for capsules first.

What’s your experience with OPMS kratom?