10 Best Kratom Brands Rated by REAL Customers (NOT SPONSORED)

This can be rather difficult, navigating the rapidly expanded world of kratom. With this in mind, one has the need to search for the best kratom brands that offers quality in effectiveness and safety, whether a beginner or one with plenty of experience.

Top Kratom Brands 2024

This review elaborates on some of the best Kratom brands with quality, user feedback and pricing among other aspects highlighted in details. We will help you understand the benefits of using kratom, guide you on how to choose the right brand, and point out where you will buy the best and most effective kratom online safely.

Kraken Kratom

best kratom brands

Founded: 2014

Headquarters: Portland, Oregon, USA

Kraken Kratom is a family business proud to provide quality and innovation in the kratom industry. It is truly one of the highest quality kratom brands you can purchase premium kratom from. This has made it one of the best kratom brands online as of today.

Kraken Kratom has remained on the front line since the onset in the distribution of certified pure products of Kratom with a great experience of customers. This is a brand that has been known to take pioneering actions in achieving GMP compliance from the American Kratom Association.

Product Range

This Kratom vendor offers a pretty good selection when considering the product catalog: everything from the standard powders and leaves to more potent enhanced extracts and capsules. For all those that like to take their kratom in a more traditional manner, they also carry a good variety of kratom for energy that pack quite the punch.

Best Product

Red Vein Extracts: Extracts from Red Vein Kratom by Kraken Kratom are products of very high potency that feel at home when used by individuals seeking strong sedation and pain-relieving qualities. They are also widely used in the evening or night to help recover from a long, active daytime or health issues that provoke a higher level of discomfort. They also have great kratom tinctures.

Production and Sourcing

Kraken Kratom guarantees control of the supply sources with utmost rigor, with the company sourcing its products only from reliable producers of Southeast Asia. The company also ensures that its practice in harvesting does not pollute or disturb ecosystems beyond a prescribed manner to ensure protection for the environment and the availability of kratom for future years. They also work very closely with all their suppliers in order to keep on improving the quality more and more, assuring that their Kratom is harvested at its peak maturity for the strongest alkaloid content.

Quality Assurance Kraken Kratom goes above and beyond to guarantee safety and quality by having each product batch tested in the lab for all impurities and other contaminants. Their stringent process, highly following GMP standards, brings in trust equal to the same commitment toward customer safety and assurance.

Customer Insight

Most customers appreciate Kraken Kratom for their high-quality and very potent products that bring results just as expected. The customer service team is also most praised for facilitating very high quality with the required help, attention, and professional advice.

Their most thrilling and engaging, besides the loyalty program, are also one of the most exciting and engaging ones in the industry—making high-quality kratom open to a lot more.

Community and Innovation

Kraken Kratom is actively involved in legislative advocacy to ensure that kratom remains legal and accessible. The leaders and pioneers of the industry, they mostly come up with new products in the market and improve existing products to cater to the needs of their consumers, which change from time to time. On their website, a lot of information can be found, including in-depth guides on different types of strains and what is the science behind kratom.

Final Thoughts

Combined with a very strong choice of products, strict quality controls, and active community participation, Kraken Kratom has emerged as one of the market leaders in Kratom. Excellence in every aspect of the business is the prime driver for them to become the most trusted brand of both new and experienced users of Kratom. This is why it is one of the best kratom brands and costumers are happy.

It is a great source of Kratom for beginners who want to have a good first impression.


Founded: 2015

Headquarters: Jacksonville, Florida, USA

Overview Mitragaia is one of the leaders in the market when it comes to kratom vendors, enjoying massive popularity throughout its time as Gaia Ethnobotanicals. The rebranding was major, having happened to Mitragaia, as it gave a complete facelift and an evolutional stance as a focus on increasing reach and product quality.

Mitragaia is known for a great variety of products, including different kinds of kratom pow

Product Range

Mitragaia is a well-recognized kratom vendor which has all types of kratom strains, right from general greens, reds, and whites to the most exotic fusions and extracts. From the whole lot, Green Malay is bright for well-balanced pain relief with mental clarity and alertness, not leading to sedation effect as it usually happens with red strains in many other cases.

Production and Sourcing

Mitragaia sources its kratom directly from Southeast Asia, being the native home of the plant. This direct sourcing has enabled the company to get involved with skillful farmers and harvesters who are aware of the subtleties needed for the production of high-quality kratom and always pick mature leaves. This helps to retain the alkaloids of their products, which is key to effectiveness.

Quality Assurance

Quality runs at the core of Mitragaia operations. The company has stringent testing measures of purity and safety through assessing contaminants like heavy metals, pesticides, and microbial organisms. All products have a guarantee of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), which represents an assurance to the customer for the commitment they have toward safety.

Customer Insight Customers are pleased with the quality that Mitragaia offers and exemplary customer service. Most of the reviews have affirmed their products to be quite effective in dealing with problems such as pain, fatigue, and anxiety. To add, friendly customer support from Mitragaia is very responsive to any issues and will help new users feel comfortable with the service.

Community and Innovation

However, they are also very involved in the botanic community to ensure that botanicals like kratom stay available legally. They are innovators not only in their product offerings but also in ways of educating the public in using the products they provide. The company maintains an active blog and is so active in social media to reach its customers with news over updates, offers, and educating information.

Final Thoughts With quality, customer satisfaction, and community involvement, Mitragaia truly rises to the top as one of the best choices for the kratom user, especially if high reliability and many product varieties are key to decision. His pro-activeness on the quality and legality front ensures that the customer gets to have the best from the products while he himself is contributing to sustainability in the market.

Kats Botanicals

Founded: 2016

Headquarters: New Jersey, USA

Kats Botanicals provides holistic health solutions, all from the offering of natural remedies that incorporate a wide variety of kratom products, CBD, among other botanicals. Supporting wellness through high-quality, responsibly sourced products—values that ensure this brand has secured its place in its industry and within its DNA: customer-first and transparency.

Product Range

Kats Botanicals is a vendor for all these and also stocks a variety of classic red, green, and white vein kratom, along with specialty blends that target certain effects for a distinctly superior choice, thus allowing the opportunity for one to fine-tune their kratom experience concerning personal health and its preference.

Production and Sourcing

The company prides itself on the ethic of sourcing and maintains a very intimate relationship with its Southeast Asian farmers of kratom. This has earned them a spot on the best kratom brands list. All the products that Kats Botanicals guarantee ensure the leaves are picked at optimum maturity so that the alkaloids’ profile can be maximized for the most potential and efficacy.

Quality Assurance At Kats Botanicals, they ensure purity and safety through an intense test for heavy metals, pesticides, and biological pathogens. Kats Botanicals strictly ensures their products are pure and safe, and that is why they carry out a thorough test for heavy metals, pesticides, and biological pathogens. They monitor and examine each production batch in independent labs, so all results are open for the customer to review, providing complete transparency for the customer and giving them a feeling of trust.

Customer Insight

Consistent reviews have referred to the quality of Kats Botanicals’ Kratom as high, effectiveness in yielding the desired result, and experience that can be repeated. From the detailed info about products and kratom dosage, customers appreciate the fact that both experienced and new customers can make informed choices.

Their customer service team is also mentioned as knowledgeable and responsive, which adds to a good buying experience.

Community and Innovation

The brand can interact with the community through advocacy for the safe use of kratom and ensure the public, as well as legislators, are educated on the importance of their products. The innovator not only in the product line but also in the way it educates its customer base, with an active blog of new articles educating on everything health, wellness, and responsible use of kratom. Final Thoughts Its very name speaks of the trust of Kats Botanicals in business. Commitment to quality, educating their customers, and evolving cutting-edge natural health solutions through their very holistic approach and strict standards, they are on top for any consumer interested in reliable and effective products of kratom.

Happy Hippo Herbals

Founded: 2013

Headquarters: Boise, Idaho, USA

The Happy Hippo Herbals are quite playful with bright and jolly colors—a reflection of their seriousness in doing business with high-quality products for the kratom market. They feature fast strains, potent strains, and strains suitable for all walks of kratom use.

Product Range

Happy Hippo Herbals stocks a wide variety of kratom to meet their customers’ different demands—ranging from fast to slow effect strains, for relieving pain, an energy kick, and mood enhancement. This includes Unique Happy Blends and rare kratom strains found in the store, with ongoing stock variation always maintained in reference to user popularity.

Production and Sourcing

The company sources its kratom straight from Indonesia. Indeed, the leaves are harvested after having attained full maturity to reach maximum alkaloid content. Happy Hippo Herbals has an intimate and strong relationship with the growers in a manner that makes them always work ethically and also take good care of the crops.

Quality Assurance

Happy Hippo Herbals takes their rigorous testing protocols to a whole new level, as executed by the firm. Every product is thoroughly tested with a multilevel tier of purity and potency; this promises customers that it’s free from pesticides, heavy metals, and microbial pathogens. This quality commitment seems to stand as a cornerstone in their business model.

Customer Insight

Most of the customers have commended that Happy Hippo Herbals’ products are strong, and they produce the expected effects. Quite a good number of reviews reveal that, indeed, customers are able to feel the quality of products all along in their body after using them. Along the same lines, Happy Hippo also carries an awesome reputation with customers for their educational resources that help the user make sound decisions regarding the use of kratom.

Community and Innovation

Happy Hippo has been very loud and visible in the community of kratom, encouraging people to use the plant in a secure and legal manner and being an educator of the benefits of this botanical. Happy Hippo regularly takes part in debates in legislatures and supports a number of research projects to make certain there is a possibility of continuing access to kratom.

Final Thoughts

Happy Hippo Herbals bring leadership qualities, quality, customer education, and community awareness to the market of kratom. Leading in quality and consistency with their own unique branding has been an inevitable reason for most to be called favorites while seeking reliability and effective products.


Founded: 2017

Headquarters: Florida, USA

Amongst the newer kids on the block, PurKratom has to be one of the brightest, with a really solid standing among their clients. They offer organically-based products and exercise strong quality control over their brand. A well earned spot on the best kratom brands list because of that.

Product Range

PurKratom offers to the customers’ attention the full spectrum of kratom: powder, capsules, and energy shots. They focus on the possibility of ensuring convenience for consumers in product usage. Their product line is designed for easy use, with accurate dosages and the possibility to take products anywhere. PurKratom really has some of the best kratom products when it comes to capsulated form.

Production and Sourcing

PurKratom sources its kratom from organic farms in Indonesia. However, the company insists on strict adherence to organic farming practices that do not involve the use of pesticides and chemicals in growing the plant to acquire a pure and natural product. In that effect, they are in very close contact with their farmers, always meeting this standard on a consistent base.

Quality Assurance

PurKratom is a reliable name known for pure and secure products. All the batches of this go through very strict checking in independent labs to confirm their absolute purity, free from any kind of contamination, and meeting the strongest standards of quality. The company displays all the test results to make the customers calm about the quality of products they buy.

Customer Insight

Customers’ praises to PurKratom have been true for the fact that they offer clean, potent products, and most appreciation is usually accorded to kratom and its organic premium kratom in nature. Other mentioned areas where the company really shines in high standards are the customer service, the staff’s friendliness, and how ready it is to help a new customer through the process of product selection.

Community and Innovation

PurKratom is an advocate for the safe use of kratom and actively participates in educational campaigns.

The innovation is steered by their leadership to come up with new products, reflecting the changing needs of their clients, like kratom energy shots, giving consumers a new way of taking kratom towards increasing their body energy and focus.

Final Thoughts The brand name itself, “PurKratom,” stands for purity, quality, and client satisfaction. Their products of kratom are safe, organic, and useful, and their commitment makes them a brand for people looking towards real health and wellness solutions.

The Golden Monk

Founded: 2016

Headquarters: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

The Golden Monk prides itself in the purity of the products and confidentiality of customers. A well-trusted name in the industry of premium Kratom, the company boasts of unpretentious service with one of the purest products there is in the market. What makes them one of the best kratom brands? They have relied on business models of reliability, transparency, and ethical practices.

Product Range

The Golden Monk holds a wide-ranging spectrum of kratom powders and capsules that focus on some of the very popular strains and a few unique ones. They focus to experience all-inclusive with their customers, right from if they’re a first-time kratom user or a veteran, one should still be able to shop for products. You can also find some Kratom potentiators, if you wish to boost the effects a bit further.

Production and Sourcing

This is mainly because The Golden Monk sources its kratom directly from experienced farmers of Southeast Asia, the majority being from Indonesia. The company ensures that the kratom is perfectly harvested so that the alkaloids remain and then they produce good results.

Ethical sourcing is a cornerstone of their operations, which includes fair labor practices and sustainable harvesting.

Quality Assurance

They meet quality assurance standards and conduct the most rigorous testing of their products for contaminants like heavy metals, pesticides, and microbial pathogens.

The company has been transparent with their consumers, after alluding to the fact that the lab results are available upon request and making a very strong statement regarding its commitment to safety and purity.

Customer Insight

The Golden Monk is often well regarded by customers who like that they offer strong, potent products. Reviews often note the large amount of attention given to discreet packaging and quick delivery. Other added incentives are a loyalty discount and points rewards program. Overall, it is a decent choice for the privacy and quality required by kratom consumers. No doubt it is one of the best kratom brands out there.

Community and Innovation

The Golden Monk is the leading crusader in the kratom community, promoting responsible use and support to ensure that kratom remains available to adults. It is also inventive in the way that it shows the latest in its product lines and newly introduced strains, all for the satisfaction of the consumers.

Final Thoughts

This has been these high standards on quality and customer care that have made The Golden Monk have a big, loyal customer base. Some of the reasons to justify the Golden Monk as being ethical sourcing and consumer safety commitments speak of the reasons for it to be counted among one of the best kratom brands in the kratom industry.

Super Speciosa

Founded: 2016

Headquarters: Florida, USA

Super Speciosa has been committed to offering naturally pure products recognized and appreciated by many. The brand assures uncomplicated and open products that focus on botanicals for people who care about pure, plain representatives of the plant kingdom.

Product Range

Super Speciosa concentrates on providing a choice of kratom powders, capsules, and teabags. One gets the best quality that emanates from a brand living up to some of the biggest names in the business in standards of quality and consistency.

Production and Sourcing

The company ensures that it sources the kratom from reliable Southeast Asia farms, which all has sustainable and ethical harvesting practices. At Super Speciosa, they ensure that products are grown naturally with no use of pesticides or any harmful chemical.

Quality Assurance

Each batch of Super Speciosa kratom is rigorously tested for cleanliness and potent levels of alkaloids. What makes them one of the best kratom brands? The firm is open over its testing protocols and lets customers access the lab results for each product batch.

Customer Insight

Customers recommend Super Speciosa due to its consistency and pureness in kratom use. The brand seems to listen to its customers, as some have commented on the sincerity and minimal processing of their botanical products. The customer service has also been cited to be very responsive and caring toward the satisfaction of the customer.

Community and Innovation

Super Speciosa engages in legislative advocacy to protect access to kratom by consumers. Brand developers maintain adherence to traditional roots but will continue to grow and perfect product lines through advanced processing techniques and customer service practices developed to improve users’ experiences above all else.

Final Thoughts

Super Speciosa remains one of the top brands in the business for anyone looking for high quality and minimally processed products. That level of commitment to all-natural products and one-on-one customer service is what keeps them at the forefront of being considered a go-to brand for anyone needing simple yet effective solutions from their kratom.

Understanding Kratom

To understand what all the fuss is about when it comes to kratom and to learn more about this supplement in general, we’ll first take a look at some of its most popular brands. Coming from the leaves of a tree known as Mitragyna speciosa, originally hailing from Southeast Asia, kratom leaves indeed have some psychoactive properties. Kratom reviews that focus on curbing opiate withdrawal, have now begin to understand that chewing leaves is also a great relief.

The plant itself, which has been in use for centuries, is a natural killer of pain. It gives energy even and helps with opioid withdrawal. This is why you must buy it from one of the best kratom brands, because you want pure and a product that’s free from heavy metals.

Why Quality Matters in Kratom

However, quality should stand out above all the other factors when making a purchase. These best kratom brands provide you with high-quality kratom and also assures you not just of the great potency it has, but also of safety. Adulterated or contaminated kratom, on the other hand, poses health issues; thus, the need to exercise preference for the transparent brands of lab results and responsible sourcing of kratom.

FAQ on Best Kratom Brands

What is the best kratom brands?

There is not one single best brand because these brands doesn’t manufacture kratom, nature does. To find a reliable source, this article helps you and it is based on real customers and their feedback.

Which kratom brand is the safest?

To check for safety, you can always request a lab test report and see for yourself. Most brands these days have such report published on their website. The best kratom brands are always safest.

How to choose kratom brand?

Choose the one online store that is closest to you so you get your kratom quicker and thus keeping it fresh.

Where to buy quality kratom?

Go for brands that has been in the game for years. Bad quality kratom vendors doesn’t stick around for long.

How to Choose the Right Kratom Online Store

There is more in selecting the right brand of kratom than just going with the one popularly sold or the cheapest. Here are some of the factors to consider:

  • Lab Testing: Always choose brands that offer comprehensive lab results for each batch.
  • User Reviews: Check reviews from other users, especially those with similar needs as yours. There are many kratom uses, from pain to numbing down social anxiety.
  • Strain Variety: Depending on your needs, look for brands that offer a variety of strains.
  • Ethical Sourcing: Brands that prioritize ethical sourcing and sustainability are generally more reliable. Check for GMP certified kratom.
  • Kratom Discounts: Look for coupons and kratom sale because it can be an indicator that the brand have a high quality product for you. Usually, the best kratom brands will have an email subscription where you can get discounts.
  • Kratom Shipping: Look for a good shipping method you can track online.
  • Kratom User Reviews: Read what people are saying about their products on reddit or other forums.

Where to Buy Trusted Kratom

To buy kratom online is not very easy since there can be a patchwork of legalities relating to purchase from one state or city to another.

Always make purchases from reputable online vendors to make sure you get costumer protection or local stores providing lab-tested high-quality products. This article covers the best kratom brands that are well known for value and customer service, according to real customers.

Conclusion on Best Kratom brands Reviews

It will, in this connection, be the most careful of considerations in the choice of the best kratom brand, considering all the varieties and quality of the strains up to the ethical practices of the brand. Chances are, if you’ve followed the guide above, you’re going to end up with a brand of kratom that fits what you need and is something that you feel both safe and well-used with.

All these options can be really overwhelming. But with the appropriate information in your arsenal, make informed decisions that are indeed going to maximize your well-being and result in an overall more positive kratom experience. The best brand of kratom is out there waiting for its discovery, no matter if you are using it for pain relief, anxiety reduction, or boosting your energy.