How to Get Kratom That’s Pure & Safe in 2023

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You can get Kratom from one of many hundred vendors online. But I want you to get it from a good source because I want you to experience the plant and get the benefits you’re seeking. It’s easy to buy kratom nowadays. I frequently get offered cheap kratom directly from farmers in Indonesia. Some are … Read more

CBD Vs. Kratom: Which One Has More Health Benefits?

Keeping up with the top health and wellness trends can be a challenge! Many products claim to have healing properties, but it can be challenging to determine which one is more effective. Finding natural, safe, and effective medicines is getting more complex. People tend to turn away from traditional medicine and instead find alternative methods … Read more

Does Green Dragon Strain Help You In Your Professional Life?

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Unlike Green Thai or Red Bali, Green Dragon kratom does not get its name from the place where it grows. On the other hand, the Green Dragon strain is a proprietary combination, and it was created some years ago by an unnoticed kratom merchant. Because the mix was so popular, many other providers followed suit. … Read more

Can You Smoke Kratom? Why Smoking Is a Doomed Idea

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Can you smoke Kratom leaves? It’s possible but don’t do it because it will hurt your health in the long run. The indigenous people in Southeast Asia know Kratom best. We can learn from them. Did they smoke Kratom? No, they know that to get the most out of the plant you either chew leaves … Read more

3 Best Liquid Kratom Extract You Can Get Right Now

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I won’t say that our OPMS Liquid Kratom extracts are the best because you will. You’ll get fresh, handpicked kratom that is full-spectrum extracted for the highest alkaloid isolation possible. In other words: Potent kratom that won’t mess with your cognitive functions. Which Liquid Kratom Is Best for Pain? Before you make a purchase, let … Read more