About Me

Adrian XH

Holistic Skincare/Haircare
Ayurvedic Medicine
Natural Remedies
SU University


  • Experienced Nutritionist and Herbalist with a Master’s degree from the National Institute of Medical Herbalists, specializing in nutrition, herbal medicine, and healthcare.
  • Public Speaker and Educator, hosting seminars and private teaching sessions in a unique garden setting in Mallorca, Spain.


Adrian XH brings over two decades of experience in nutrition and herbal medicine, with a focus on blending ancestral knowledge with modern health practices. His approach is deeply influenced by his extensive travels and exchanges with herbalists around the world, enriching his understanding and expertise in the field. Adrian not only offers his insights through public speaking and workshops but also imparts his knowledge privately in the serene environment of his garden in Mallorca.

A passionate music producer, Adrian creatively intertwines his love for music with his professional pursuits, believing in the healing power of both nature and sound. Although he does not frequently publish in mainstream platforms, his contributions to seminars and personalized teaching make significant impacts on those looking to adopt healthier lifestyles.


Adrian received his Master’s degree from the National Institute of Medical Herbalists and holds a certification from the Ancestral Arts Apothecary. His academic and practical training provide a strong foundation for his holistic approach to health and wellness, making him a trusted figure in the nutrition and herbal medicine community.