Here at Nootroholic we know that there aren’t any miracle pill that can transform you into a genius overnight.  I believe that being a nootropic user myself allows me to provide authentic content to share. Supplements that works and are backed up with scientific data is what resonates with my and other peoples ears. The goal is to get the information out there on how to use nootropics with responsibility and avoiding side-effects.

I’ve been researching supplements for years and found out that it can be a nasty place – Companies that scam people with poor quality products that your body can’t absorb effectively. Companies that use fillers to make the product look good but it’s garbage on the inside. Companies that use synthetic version of Vitamin-b12 just so they can label the product “Vitamin B12”. Why do they do this? Because of money – It’s cheap to produce garbage. This is why I recommend and seek partners that are serious about what they do.

Know Your Brain