types of magic mushrooms

5 Types of Magic Mushrooms (The Fight Over Potency)

Over 200 mushroom species contain psilocybin, each with its own effects and potency. Different types of magic mushrooms have a unique amount of psilocybin. This leads to different experiences depending on the strain. Intense euphoria, relaxation, and visual and auditory hallucinations. Most Common Types of Magic Mushrooms Psilocybe Cubensis It’s the most common type of … Read more

mushroom tincture

Everything You Need to Know About Mushroom Tincture

At Nootroholic, we know the power of natural remedies. Our favorite is medical mushroom tinctures. A century-old traditional medicine around the globe. Today, we talk about medical mushroom tinctures. How they work. How to make the best ones to preserve all the benefits. And everything else necessary for you to know. What are Medicinal Mushroom … Read more

trs detox

Why Advanced TRS Is not Enough (It Can’t Detox Your Brain)

People who think Advanced TRS is enough are just fooling themselves. It can’t even cross the blood-brain barrier so you are just leaving the brain untouched. Do you want to know the best supplement that detoxes your brain? Thought so 🙂 Improves Quality of Life. After using Advanced TRS detox, my sleep improves, dark circles … Read more