5 Proven Kangen Water Benefits (And a Warning)

Kangen Water benefits

Tap water is dirty. You can’t see it with your eyes. Traces of prescription medications and other nasties with every glass you drink hurt your health in numerous ways. This is why you should consider the Kangen water benefits to transform tap water and yourself. Restore Your Bodys’ Natural Alkaline State You should strive to … Read more

Mother Ayahuasca: 5 Crucial Shamanic Lessons before Ceremony

mother ayahuasca

Mother Ayahuasca is a combination of two plants called Banisteriopsis caapi and Psychotria Viridis. If you consume only one of these you won’t notice anything. When brewed together for several hours, they induce a heightened state of consciousness and mystical experiences. Historically viewed as tools of the devil and therefore the ancient traditions could only … Read more

Why Voltaren Emulgel Forte is Ruthless Compared to Arctic B

Why Voltaren Emulgel Forte is Ruthless Compared to Arctic B

It’s a shame that natural pain remedies, such as Arctic Blast, are unknown for most people. Voltaren Emulgel is widely used to treat pain but what about healing the suffering? Did you know that there’s Voltaren emulgel extra strength alternative available that not only treats, but also heals your pain, instantly? Most people don’t since … Read more