3 Best Liquid Kratom Extract You Can Get Right Now

I won’t say that our OPMS Liquid Kratom extracts are the best because you will.

liquid kratom

You’ll get fresh, handpicked kratom that is full-spectrum extracted for the highest alkaloid isolation possible.

In other words: Potent kratom that won’t mess with your cognitive functions.

Which Liquid Kratom Is Best for Pain?

Before you make a purchase, let me explain in plain words which liquid kratom extract bottle you need.

Euphoric Kratom

This is a mix of green and red liquid kratom. It’s like happiness in a bottle that eradicates pain.

Good for:

  • Daytime use to kill pain and give you high energy

Red Liquid Kratom

My personal favorite. Get this if you want your pain gone and sleep well without waking up because of pain. This bottle is made of the strongest kratom.

Good for:

  • Pain
  • In the evening to relax, fall asleep and wake up well rested

Green Bottle

This is a great energizer. If you tried green powder then you know what’s waiting for you, only stronger.

Good for:

  • Energy
  • Anxiety

What Does OPMS Liquid Do?

Everything traditional kratom does but only stronger and better. This is because we use a refined concentration of alkaloids to make superior kratom compared to dried leaves.

liquid kratom

I’ve tried o.p.m.s. black label liquid kratom, but could not tell the difference. I could only distinguish the liquid kratom k shot, which was too much and caused some mild nausea. Might be because I bought it from a crap vendor (which no longer exists). Avoid the opms kratom shots amazon products for now.

The best thing about this form of kratom is that it works for everyone who suffers from pain, anxiety, and depression.

If you are ready for some remarkable pain relief by kratom then you know where to buy liquid extracts. I recommend you click on the green button at the top of this page


Soak Kratom in ethanol, seal the bottle and let it be for at least 6 weeks. After 6 or more weeks the ethanol has absorbed the alkaloids and you can use a dropper to take kratom. Easy and effective.

I do this because you don’t need to force swallow kratom powder. And also less mess in the kitchen.

Kratom Shot

Water-based form of kratom. Often mixed with other ingredients like L-Theanine to enhance the relaxation effects. Some companies sell shots flavored with chocolate and mint. Shots are powerful but can cause side effects like headaches and nausea.

Shots are great if you are on the go.


The liquid form of kratom is exceptional and works for everyone who needs pain relief and the other benefits the plant offer.

Make sure you order a bottle made with fresh, handpicked leaves and proper processing.