5 Strongest Kratom Extract (You won’t find more potent than liquid)

Liquid Kratom is the best, strongest, and the most valuable product you can get.

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Liquid kratom is usually made by using these 5 strains discussed in this article.

Liquid Kratom > Powder

Which kratom is best for pain?

  • Red Bali
  • Yellow Vietnam (Gold Kratom)
  • Bentuangie
  • Green Hulu

There are a few kratoms considered best for certain needs. This article is designed to reveal the best kratom for your unique needs. You’ll notice I highlighted specific names because these are the strongest type of Kratom. Enjoy.

Best Kratom for Pain

best kratom for pain

Red Bali is without a doubt one of the best and strongest kratom strains that cant do wrong. A highly sedative strain loaded with 7-hydroxymitragynine. What is kratom without that alkaloid? Nothing. The sedating effects are intense from red bali. Falling and staying asleep gets easy because this strain can silence your mind from mental chatter. Might be hard to get up from the bed in the morning. If you want to treat severe pain and improve sleep you need this strain.

Why Red Bali?

Many people now live a much happier life free from pain and constant battle from addiction to painkillers. Thanks to the best kratom strains available.

You can spot a good painkiller by looking if it has 7-hydroxymitragynine, a stronger alkaloid than morphine. One way to find this alkaloid in abundance is to turn to red veined kratom.

strongest kratom

Red Bali is a strain perfect for pain and opioid withdrawal. So, you know it’s potent.

Red Bali Kratom has at least 25 to 30 alkaloids, if not more. Two of them complement each other and forms this strain into a super effective painkiller.

The incredibly potent alkaloid7-hydroxymitragynine – is 13 times higher analgesic potency than morphine and 46 folds higher than standard mitragynine.

7-hydroxymitragynine combined with 9-Hydroxycorynantheidine gives red bali another supply of pain relief and relaxation. This makes red bali one of the best kratom for pain.

Is Red Bali The Best Kratom for Opiate High?

Red Bali is more efficient for sedation compared to red thai. Red Thai is more stimulating and people often report fewer side effects with it. A former heroin addict used this strain. It might even be the single best kratom strain for opiate high.

However, I do understand such potency is not needed every time. That’s why strains like maeng da kratom and indo are just as great. They offer pain relief, but not as intense as red bali. You who need moderate pain relief, Malay kratom is your best friend. This strain you can use daily as a to-go kratom.

Strongest Kratom for Energy

best kratom for depression

White vein kratoms and their aroma are great at preventing fatigue and increasing energy. I have quit caffeine. Instead, I use white horn and malaysian and found out that they are the most stimulating and uplifting kratom.

If you tried white maeng da and was promised stimulatory effects but failed, you should give kapua strains a whirl. These strains are also the best kratom for anxiety.

The right kratom can do wonders for your mood. People sometimes argue with me and say maeng da is best for mood. But now I use green kapuas as my to go strain for motivation. And Yellow vietnam kratom when I want a mild stimulant.

Kapuas strains alone are one of the strongest kratom for depression to take during the day. However, maeng da works better for some people because of the mixed alkaloids. Both are effective mood enhancers so you don’t have to worry about that.

You who don’t like maeng da should try Bali for your uplifting needs. If the source is right, bali can boost your mood even better than maeng da.

Have you ever mixed thai with red borneo? I recommend you not. But if you insist you can experience the “euphoric buzz” kratom users are excited about. Music sounds so good at this stage.


kratom leaves

Bentuangie has incredible painkilling and relaxing effects. For some, it might even be better than red bali.

Red bali is still a potent strain for chronic pain. Picking bentuangie instead makes sense if you don’t want too much sedation but still relaxation and pain relief.

The effects of bentuangie tend to be slower, but once they kick in, your pain disappears.

strongest kratom

Potent Kratom Extract

Kratom comes in many forms. If you are looking for an extract that will blow powder out of the water you should go for tinctures. My favorite is resin because they hold the full spectrum of effects. And you only need a little bit to feel the horsepowers kratom offers. This kratom benefits list covers all the goodies you can get from the plant.

White Vein

White vein is the best kratom that acts as a stimulant to boost energy and concentration. Often used as a substitute for caffeine/coffee to promote wakefulness and mental acuity.  It also offers motivation and fights fatigue.

Good pick for demanding mental tasks. Use white early in the day, preferably in the morning because otherwise, you might get insomnia.

Red Vein

Red is sedative and a relaxed vein that can produce opioid effects. It is a euphoric color, and also famous for pain relief and relaxation of all kinds. They have high levels of 7-hydroxymitragynine than average kratom, an alkaloid associated with analgesia and stress relief.

Red vein kratom capsules have the most satisfied costumers. 

Green Vein (Must Have)

Green strains is a balance between white and red. The green vein effects offer long-lasting effects, especially Green Malaysian. People like to use this color for pain relief only because it doesn’t produce drowsiness. It is also picked up to treat social anxiety.

Every Kratom lover should have a green strain nearby.

Last Thoughts

To quickly summarize the strongest kratom strains:

  • Bali/Borneo
  • Kapuas/Hulu
  • Malaysian
  • Maeng Da
  • Bentuangie

What is the best kratom? It’s hard to say which kratom alone is the strongest since they produce different effects. Everyone has unique biochemistry. Some people are more resistant to some strains more than others. That’s why sample packs are great to test and find your favorite kratom.

Kapuas and Malay kratom is the best kratom for energy. Bali is the strongest kratom for pain relief. Maeng Da is the best kratom strain for all needs, depending on the color.

Nonetheless, these strains are stable and will not let you down regardless.

Last, read our guide or visite the kratom forum to learn more about this beauty called kratom.