3 Best Kratom for Pain 2020 (Highest Painkilling Alkaloids)


You are on the right path if you want the single best kratom for pain.

Too frequently I get emails where people ask: what is the best strain for pain to put an end to the misery of poor quality sleep? That’s where this article can help. Scroll down and discover 3 usable Kratom for pain.

Top 3 Best Kratom for Pain Relief

best kratom for pain
The analgesic properties vary from strain to strain. I will recommend three red strains because these are filled with 7-hydroxymitragynine, the alkaloid that offers you the best pain relief.

Red Bali

What makes kratom such a potent painkiller? The magnificent alkaloid called 7-hydroxmitragynine. It works on opioid receptors in the brain so your body’s perception of pain changes for the better.

Red bali is good to take at night because it is highly sedative and analgesic. You can also use it during the day, but avoid that if you’re at work. Red bali is the best strain for neuropathy.

Grab red thai as well and use it carefully. Depending on your unique body chemistry, it can be the strain that satisfies your deepest kratom needs. You should grab red kratom capsules if you want to kill intense pain. Capsulated kratom is already measured up with the best strain for pain for you.

Green Malay

Green malay can do wonders for mild pain and low energy. The effects last longer compared to other strains, up to 8 hours. Good for working days.  It can also reduce stress and anxiety and lower blood pressure. Good everyday strain with therapeutic effects.

Blend green malay with red maeng da and you’ll have a powerful kratom-mix for effective pain management.

Red Maeng Da

Maeng da is a potent and the best strain for arthritis pain. Many people use it in combination with other strains because the other strains you choose will complement each other. Red maeng da works well with green malay. It gives you pain relief and more energy so you can function during the day.

Red maeng da is a good strain to take during the day. If you want a more sedative strain to use at night you should also get red borneo or red bali so you can earn a well-rested sleep and wake up energized. It is one of the best kratom strain for pain.

Bonus: Bentuangie

Bentuangie Kratom is known for its pain relief and relaxation without being overly sedative. It’s a good choice to have within reach. When you need energy and pain relief you should go for Maeng Da. There are days when you need to be effective at work and days when you must wind down and relax.

Kratom Dosage for Pain

The dose is important. Too much can be sedating, which might be necessary for some. And a moderate dose might be enough for back pain. Use this dosing chart as a starting point.

kratom dosage for pain relief

How to Enhance Your Kratom

A good trick to enhance the power of your best kratom for pain is to blend it with orange juice. The juice will extract the alkaloids so you get more painkilling chemicals (mitragynine) in your system.

best kratom for pain

Do you need to blend different kratom strains to make it work?

It’s probably best to have more than one strain. Let this article show you to the best kratom for pain so you can live the life you deserve.

Why Kratom Offers Pain Relief

What is the best kratom for pain and how does it work? Kratom, also known as mitragyna speciosa, consists of plant chemicals called alkaloids. The well known are mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine.

These alkaloids affect the human brain in remarkable ways. It works as a partial agonist of the μ-opioid receptor and beta-endorphin. After consumption, the user experiences the benefits of kratom and can live a life without suffering from arthritis, back pain, fibromyalgia, chronic pain and other forms of pain.

And because it affects opioid receptors, people use kratom to treat opioid withdrawal with a high success rate and can quit using prescriptions.


Which kratom is best for pain? Kratom is scientifically proven to be a stronger pain reliever than morphine and other medications that can lead to addiction and do harm in the long run. If you are looking for the best strain for pain, look no further than those I talk about here.

If you want the best kratom for pain know that most strains can relieve pain. The main thing to have in mind is to pick something that works well at night and one you can take during the day. You should also have strains that give you more energy. And at least a sedative one so you can fall and stay asleep.

No single strain that’s best for pain exists. All people have different needs and pains.

You should pick all these three strains. Use bali at night. Maeng da and green malay are good daytime strains because they aren’t as sedating as bali. This is good when you need to sleep and then use the other ones during the day so you can function during the day.

  • Barbara says:

    Alabama so behind in backwards and holier-than-thou & unfortunately that is where I live. By the time I heard of that crate and I had already made it a illegal here. And there’s people that will abuse peanut butter if they could so they ruin it for everyone else. I am 52 years young, I suffer from neuropathy and arthritis. Very recently I found I have shingles also. I do not and cannot take narcotics. Is there anything that I can get to take help me? Thank you for your time

    • Elsa says:

      I am 56 and have chronic pain in several areas of my old body! If I were you, I’d take the chance and order some Red Maeng Da and play with it to see if it helps. It has really helped me…I am able to run and work out again now whereas I could not without Kratom.

    • Jay says:

      I hate you are suffering. I get it. Do you live anywhere near the states bordering AL? May be worth a trip across to help your pain.

  • Cathy says:

    I am just learning about kratom I have severe arthritis and absolutely no Entergy what would u recommend in a capsule form

  • Dawn says:


    • niki says:

      my entire body is in pain. I learned of kratom I take a pill in the morning and at night. 6am 6pm I am out of severe pain of course I still have very slight pain. so slight I cannot complain. be on time in taking them. I bought the gold able kratom 80. the gov. will take them off the shelves. go to a smoke shop and get some

    • Mary Collins burkett says:

      Oh you’ve got to try it !! I am in the same boat as you and I didn’t think this would work but my son got some for me and it has changed my life..it works! !

    • Eve says:

      Try it. I’m almost off suboxone thanks to kratom. Just make sure you educate yourself as to how it works, how to avoid a tolerance and how different strains effect you. Then make sure to buy from a reputable, well established vendor. Red Borneo is great for pain. Green maeng da, Malay, and Vietnam are my favs right now for daytime. Puts you in a good mood and kills pain. It’s literally given me my life back. I’m a better mom and wife now that I’m done with suboxone. No one wants to be at the mercy of some P.M doctor or clinic. The stress of worrying about getting your script so you can function is unbearable. Don’t give up. Try kratom. My PM Dr. actually recommended it to me! He takes it every day. I can never repay him. I wish you well.
      Ps. Vendors I’ve found that carry quality products: Happy Hippo Herbals- you can’t go wrong with any of their strains. Even the bargain maeng da and Bali are awesome. Plus great sales during the wk.
      Pur kratom is good. I just tried theirs. The red Borneo is great.
      Mitragaia- great beginner’s sample pack. 7oz for $30. You can try 7 different strains. The quality has been good so far. I haven’t tried them all yet. Plus, they threw in 7 extra ozs of strains I didn’t purchase!
      Golden Monk- Really good quality. Only thing is the smallest amount you can buy is I think 4oz. Once you know what you like, go there for bulk.
      Good luck my friend.

      • Lisa says:

        Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience with the different Kratom. Everyone who has left comments has been truly helpful. I am tired of taking Suboxone and I just purchased some Red Borneo in capsule form. I am so happy to hear this has been working for you. I appreciate you sharing the different types you take together that works for you. I was really nervous about starting it and taking Suboxone. I’m going to slow and find which ones work me. Thank you again for being so open. Take care!

    • CHRIS FOSTER says:

      Please don’t give up, your too important for that!! Kratom really works, I’ve used it and I’ve had 22 surgeries, 11 of which were back surgeries! It gave me energy early morning and all day , I went to sleep a lot earlier at night and almost completely painless and I myself don’t remember ever having any type of side affects !! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!! Im Chris

  • Anthony Struzzieri says:

    I’m 67yr old man living in chronic pain for the last 10 yrs. Diagnosed with fibromyalgia. My whole body is in pain. I’m just recently started to take CBD OIL and Hemp. It does help but very expensive. If this item you talk about does for me what you say it does I will be the happiest person ever. Thank you

    • Mary Collins burkett says:

      It works..get some immediately. .

  • I’am in chronic pain, for the last 20 yrs. Plates in neck.
    Also back, with bad leg pain along.
    I’ve been on a Pentyl 75 Mcg patch one every 2 days.
    Also Percocet.
    I bought the Maeng DA .Taking 6 pills equaling 3 grams
    Next day without any RX.’s “NO LEG PAIN”
    About 10% of normal withdrawal symptoms ( only 2 days )
    I have no pain,only using Kratom../.
    Good Luck”””

  • Mimi says:

    Been taking Kratom for 3 yrs and I can honestly say it is saving my life. I live with anxiety, depression and physical pain (52 yrs old) I will not take opioids not self medicate w/ alcohol.. that’s a rabbit hole you can’t climb out of. Find the right combination for you- it really works. God bless!

  • Dale says:

    I have read many hours of kratom and its uses from many various web sites. YOUR INFO IS SO HELPFUL AND ACCURATE! I am truly thankful.

  • Patty says:

    For the past 20 years I been going to pain management they took me off everything and told me to go to rehab I had my knee crushed and screws holding it together I have 4 herinate disk in my back from a car accident and I shave arthritis in both knees and hands I found kratom and it saved me works better then the pain meds could ever work it has changed my like I’m not tired anymore and able to do more know then I could before I get the power and make the pills I can’t take it any other way

    • Tawnie Atkinson says:

      Im so sorry for your pain. Im in pretty much the same boat. Could you please tell me what strains of Kratom that you would recommend? Thank you in advance

  • Laurie Rogers says:

    What on line company has the best quality of Kratom?

  • Lemmy says:

    Although most reds I’ve tried help with pain, Red Bali is the best for me, by far.

  • Tina says:

    I would like to try this. Im on opiates for the last 5 years. For back pain . I dont wanna take opiates no more. What do i do . Im afraid i will withdrawl out them.

    • Kaye says:

      Tina, No worries, Kratom will take away all the withdraw symptoms as well as some of your pain. It also helps with depression and anxiety! Get the dry powers and mix about one overflowing teaspoon full to 1 – 1/2 tsp. full, fill your teacup with hot tap water and stir it well. Next, guzzle it as fast as you can as it tastes like mud. Have a chaser of soda or something to drink to get the taste out of your mouth ready. I like the Green Malay or Maeng Da strains, these are the best for me. You will not have any withdraw symptoms if you drink this kratom tea every 3 to 4 hours.

      • CHRIS FOSTER says:

        A chaser of orange juice works best to activate the Kratom,

    • Randi says:

      Tina, you can do this. I have had severe pain for 25 years. Pain management is getting very strict. My husband found this product for me. I take mine in powder form with orange juice. I would rather have this than any position drug. It helps you with the withdrawal so you hardly notice it. Start low a half teaspoon, and work your way up till you find your relief. I get mine from a smoke shop, not as much choice but prices are better and it is always the same. Good luck. And God bless

    • Lemmy says:

      I would highly recommend trying Red Bali for pain. You need a backup if (or when) your opiates get yanked. Red Bali eliminates 90% of my pain issues. I don’t get any “high” from kratom just feel a lot better and don’t have to hear the ‘Tylenol/yoga” song and dance from their McDoc

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