Qutting Kratom Cold Turkey? No, Here’s How to Do It Painlessly

By Nootroholic | Kratom

quitting kratom

Consistent kratom use in high quantities can lead to addiction and tolerance. The effects are similar to opiates and stimulants. This cause problems for people that have used the plant for a while and now want to quit.

You should know how dependency and tolerance develops so you can quit kratom without boring withdrawal symptoms.

How Kratom Addiction Forms in the Brain

One reason why people become dependent is that kratom can stimulate dopamine release in the brain.

Dopamine is a brain-chemical (neurotransmitter) that makes you feel good and motivated. It’s critical for the reward system in the brain.

Dopamine is, for example, released when you eat your favorite meal or watch your favorite show on TV. Your brain loves it so much that it will make you repeat the same behavior that caused all the pleasurable release.

In this case: take more kratom to feel euphoria and all the good feelings and benefits.

What if you suddenly, cold turkey, cut that source of pleasure? Then you’ll feel a rollercoaster of emotions and crave kratom, which makes the process of quitting a challenge.

Plus, the plant works on other specific brain receptors that are perhaps why you absolutely should not quit cold turkey. That if, you want to avoid kratom withdrawals.

Why You Should Avoid Quitting Kratom Cold Turkey

quitting kratom

Leaving dopamine behind, another reason people become dependent, and more importantly, why they experience withdrawal symptoms is because of the active alkaloids known as Mitragynine.

These plant chemicals (alkaloids) in kratom works on opioid receptors in the brain. The same receptors that are now used to the quantity of kratom, whatever that may be for each individual. And if you suddenly stop kratom cold turkey, your brain will respond by sending you withdrawal symptoms. This is because the receptors are not getting stimulated like they are used too. However, it’s possible to cut off kratom without experiencing harsh withdrawals.

If you want to reduce your current kratom dose, you should try to taper down slowly so your brain has time to adjust. You might have to change how you take kratom and use other methods.

Taper Down to Quit Kratom Painlessly

Let’s say you are used to 10g of kratom daily just to make stuff simple to understand.

Instead of taking a full 10g dose, you reduce the amount by 500mg. Do this for three days and then cut of 500mg again. This method lets your brain adjust slowly so you can get away with 9g next time without harsh withdrawal symptoms.

When you carefully cut doses with a strategy you’ll eventually need 3g or less or nothing at all. This is the best way to go about quitting kratom.

The thing is, everyone has to cut off different amount depending entirely on each individual and their level of dependency etc. Somewhere between 300mg and 500mg seems to work fine for most people.

Another powerful step when you quit kratom is to detox your mind and body.

How to Detox Your System at Home

how to quit kratom

Forget about footpads and lemon juice for a while and let me show you how to detox properly.

Detox can be done at home just as effective as if you paid. You need to eat fruits and vegetables because they support your own body’s cleaning system, which is the most effective way to detox.

Every day you should also drink a lot of water. Only drink water if you want to quit kratom effectively. Water is also key to a great detox routine.

Take Epsom salts baths if you have a tub at home. Epsom consist of both magnesium and sulfate. Both are helpful to detox and flush away toxins and waste you don’t need. Besides the cleaning, you’ll also get very relaxed by the salt bath.

Invest in core supplements like krill oil, magnesium to take orally, and vitamin d if you live far away from the equator.

Spirulina powder is perfect for detox. The taste is not the best, but it will give you crucial minerals and vitamins your body uses to fuel your natural detox system. Don’t rely on or pay for expensive products. Give your body’s cleaning system what it needs and the rest will be taken care for you.

Beet juice is a great fuel because it will help your body produce glutathione, a powerful antioxidant critical for liver detoxification. You can get more glutathione if you take supplements, but it’s enough to drink beet juice for you who want to quit a harmless (when used with responsibility) plant called kratom.

Do You Need A Therapist?

Always recommended that you talk with a healthcare specialist who can assist you during the stages of kratom withdrawal. A therapist can help you control the discomfort kratom addiction can cause, such as withdrawals and cravings.

Only you know the severity and if you need further assistance. If you make progress and have successfully reduced the dose, a therapist is not necessary. However, if you fail to reduce the quantity and relapse over and over, it might be worth paying for therapy.

The Quit Kratom Mindset

When you decide to quit kratom try to approach the situation with a good mindset.

First of all, you want to prepare mentally and physically what’s in store for you in the near future.

Prepare to feel uncomfortable and craving kratom when you’ve made progress. You might relapse, but understand that it is not a total setback as long as you don’t continue to binge kratom for months.

Let’s say you are now clean of kratom for two weeks, and then one day you decide to take some to help you sleep. This is not the end of your journey so don’t beat yourself up. Your brain and the receptors have already done a good job adjusting during the days you did not take kratom.

Why You Might Feel Low When Quitting Kratom

The dopamine flow your brain gets now is thinner than before when you took kratom in high quantities every day. Simple things like watching TV and eating a good meal doesn’t excite you anymore like before. Don’t worry, it’s a sign that your brain is healing and readjusting to normal dopamine levels. You will enjoy the stuff that makes you happy soon enough without any kratom whatsoever.

It’s important that you take brain-supporting supplements like Bacopa Monnieri and essential fatty acids to help your brain recover.

Note that kratom is never intended to be addictive. If you had to choose between another herb that gave you the exact same benefits kratom offers, you would do fine and put kratom behind you. You would be addicted to the other plant instead because it gives you the same pleasure.

There’s another important reason why people struggle to quit kratom, which also has to do with the brain.

Conclusion on How to Get off Kratom

Quitting kratom can be easy or hard. Each individual takes different doses and has a unique dependency situation. This is also why you quit kratom by reducing your intake (taper) each week or every three days. Some people cut the dose with three days interval. Everyone is different and you will find what works for you in your unique situation.

You want to carefully reduce the amount you take so your brain can heal. Combine that strategy with water and food that fuels your detox system and you are on the right track to quit kratom.

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  • Helen Self says:

    I’ve only taken the Keaton one time! Now that I’ve read about getting hooked on it, I’m scared.

    • Jack Johnson says:

      You’ll bee fine Helen, just don’t do it, more than once a week if you want to be super safe and be careful not to increase your dosage. I didn’t do either of those and now you about 28 grams a day, everyday and am trying to quit and its really hard but I suffer from addiction in a lot of areas of my life so if you don’t have a history of addiction and you follow the two tips I mentioned earlier you should be fine, but I’m still hooked on it and trying to quit. fortunately though its is one of the least life damaging drugs, as its legal, doesn’t cause you to do violent things or damage your brain, or another permanent body damage. Good luck and just be mindful and careful if your worried 🙂 will post if I quit, I’m trying to whiene of right now which seems to be working so I’m on my way and it is possible !

    • Kat bean says:

      I’m hooked and I want free. But withdraws are to much. I come here for help and they advertise where to buy at the bottom. Dear god

      • Clayton says:

        Kat I am with you. I have been addicted to Kratom for 6-7 years. The withdrawals are extremely hard for me which is why Im still on it. Im trying to get off myself but I cannot. I feel like Im going thru HELL with these withdrawals. Im not sure how long you have been on Kratom but you might try a few things. I take this stuff called Texas Superfoods. It puts 55 Organic fruits and veggies in your system which helps you feel better and detox from substance abuse. Also do research on a Vitamin C detox. That is what Im trying now. You take large amounts of Vitamin C like 30,00 to 60,00mg of Vitamin C. This has helped Heroin addicts with the withdrawals symptoms and in some case completely blocks the withdrawals. This may work well for you. Of course you will get diarhea and gassy and bloated but take Immodium Multi symptom while on the Vitamin C treatment. Anyways google the vitamin C treatment for drug withdrawal. This may work really good for you too. I have learned so much about drug withdrawals, cancer treatments and cures that are already out there that the medical industry doesnt want us to know about. Keep you head up with this. I think you will find something like this that works great for you. There are lots of other things I can share with you if interested. Good luck and never give up on trying to quit Kratom.

  • Sarah Lysohirka says:

    Has anyone been able to successfully get off kratom? Im having a huge problem tapering down. I cant bear the pain that returns. My tolerance is shot and the withdrawals are brutal. Anyone have better advice??

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