Kratom Extract vs Powder – Everything Explained (The Superior Winner)

Do you know the foundation about your kratom extract? You should because it will save you time and money.

The effects of kratom vary depending on vein color and if it is quality extracted kratom. By the end of this post, you’ll know which specific kratom strain and extracts suits your wants and needs.

The Common Kratom Extract You Should Know About

Resin extracts are reliable because it greatly holds the full spectrum of alkaloids when produced. It’s a potent form (especially if it’s red maeng da resin). The potency is heavy based on how much grams used in the making process. Not recommended for beginners since the withdrawal symptoms are harsh.  Resin extract is very potent and easy to use and to store.

Liquid kratom extracts or tinctures are better left alone, at least for beginners. The price is higher than potency. Not for beginners since you can easily mess up your tolerance to kratom for weeks. Good tinctures are rare anyway. Be extra careful with doses of liquid kratom.

kratom extract

Water-based kratom is the most common form. They can be more stimulating but less sedating and analgesic. To counteract that, people recommend combining water based with a plain leaf.

UEI kratom, ultra enhanced indo, is potent and offers a wide range of effects. Not all are created the same. Who made it and what specific indo strain was used in the process determine if it’s good or bad. 

UEI extracts have a special place on the shelf in many kratom enthusiasts home. It holds a full spectrum of effects stronger than a plain leaf produce alone. The pain relief from this type of kratom is phenomenal. Might as well call it the best choice for pain.

Kratom Extract vs Powder Winner

kratom powder

This is what most people stick too.  You should do that as well. You may notice that some extracts can’t produce the benefits powdered kratom can.

Your tolerance to kratom develops rapidly with extracts. Some people only use them when they are in really bad pain.

I use powder because extracts won’t give me what I want: The stimulating effects and the long duration powder offer. Plus, with regular powder, you have a lot of options.

3 Popular Strains Meant for Extraction

  • Maeng Da – A stimulating type good for pain and energy when the color is right, which you’ll learn all about soon. Good option if you don’t want the sedating effects.
  • Thai A dominant strain for energy and people who are fighting opioid addictions. Useful for the painful pain.
  • Borneo – A sedating and euphoric strain that can be useful for recovering after a hard day. Red borneo in the evening can never be wrong.

Kratom Powder Extract & Vein Color

You can use kratom because of many reasons. Let’s make it clear why you want to use it. More energy, less stress? Sedation or euphoria?  You’ve probably already know what you want from the plant. With the right dose and color, you can extract that.

Which vein color holds what you seek?

types of kratom

Should you take kratom extract on an empty stomach?

It’s more pleasant to take kratom after you ’ve eaten. Maybe not direct after because then it might take more time for the effects to kick in.

Can kratom extract be smoked?

Even if it can, you should not. Simply because it will not produce the benefits that taking kratom extracts orally will. You need to smoke a lot of kratoms to get there.

How much kratom extract to take?

Well, it depends on what extract you use and what you want to achieve with kratom? I use regular powder and I can tell you this.  You can feel the stimulating and mood enhancing effects with 1-2 gram. A moderate dose is 2-4grams. The strong effects kick in with 3-6grams. At this point, the painkilling properties of kratom are no longer in the shadow. Five to eight grams are too strong and can cause unpleasant side effects.

What to Look for Before You Buy  Kratom Extract Online

You should check if a vendor has the highest possible quality kratom. You are on a good path if the supplier got: Various payment options. A website that just works. Certificate of analysis. Return policy and the option to post honest customer reviews.


A person may have heard about all the positive benefits kratom has to offer. They still may be unsure how to use kratom. It can be hard to measure out the correct dosage. Kratom extract offers a more potent effect in a smaller dose compared to regular powder.

There are some kratom extracts for you to choose between. The downside is that they also mess up your tolerance, sometimes for weeks.

Most people use regular powder, which I understand. It lasts longer and offers some effects other extracts can’t.

What’s your experience with kratom extracts?

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