CBD Oil for Pain: A Natural Painkiller (Why You Should Bother)

This article is going to explore how you can use CBD oil for pain management to aid debilitating pain.

Back pain is a serious issue because it’s one of the leading causes of disability in the world. The sad thing is that up to now it is yet to have a cure. A whopping 50% of Americans who are working admit to have suffered from back pain every year. Boring statistics? Most of these back problems result in chronic pain, and/or disability.

What Is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil or commonly known as hemp oil is being increasingly used by people who suffer from chronic pain. CBD is effective for the reduction of pain and inflammation and other serious health conditions.

CBD oil is extracted from cannabis and it has a chemical compound called cannabinoid, which is naturally found in marijuana plants. But don’t confuse CBD with getting high. There’s another compound in marijuana that is responsible for the high. This different kind of cannabinoid is called THC.

Research on the relationship between CBD oil and the management of pain has been showing a lot of promise. CBD can be an alternative source of relief for chronic pain instead of relying of on more dangerous, dependency medications. One important example are opioids, which have health repercussions based on their side effects. However, there is still need for more conclusive research in order to have a better verification of the pain-relieving properties of CBD oil.

CBD oil products are yet to be approved by the FDA for use in any medical condition. This means they are not regulated.

Treatments For Back Pain

cbd oil for back pain

Today, the treatments for back pains are many ranging from physiotherapy to prescribed medications (i.e . opioids) that have become more popular with the passing of years. Kratom is also getting attention due to its opioid-like effects for effective pain management. Previously this nature of medications was only meant for palliative care patients but eventually become adopted and used as a pain reliever.

However, it’s rather unfortunate that while opioids help with relieving back pain, among other chronic pain, it has a lot of side-effects. Top of it is that it is highly addictive. It is because of this that over-prescription of opioids has led to a dramatic rise in deaths due to overdose in America.

NSAIDS is another popular prescription used in treating back pain. These anti-inflammatory drugs are incredibly effective in the management of muscle or nerve pain. The downside much like opioids is that NSAIDs has its own set of risks with most of them being incredibly unpleasant.

Given that most of the current options are highly addictive, very expensive and usually dangerous in one way or the other, then it comes as no surprise that sufferers especially those of long-term are looking for alternative ways to manage pain,

How CBD Kills Pain

According to researchers, CBD has interactions with brain receptors and the immune system. These receptors are microscopic proteins that are attached to the cells that are at the receiving end of chemical signals brought from different stimuli. These chemical signals help the cells to respond. This is what creates anti-inflammatory as well as painkilling effects hence managing the pain. Therefore this means CBD oil can benefit people who are suffering from chronic pain, such as back pain.

According to a 2008 assessment review of how well CBD works in relieving chronic pain, researchers concluded that CBD was effective in the overall management of pain with relatively negligible out side effects. It was also noted that CBD was of most help to people suffering from multiple sclerosis (MS).

CBD Oil for Pain Management

Arguably the cannabis plant is the most well-known cannabinoid. It has become the most renowned CBD due to its wide range of abilities. On top of this, it has been proven that CBD can be a source of treatment for many serious health conditions one of them being back pain. This is attributed to the way CBD is seen to interact with our body’s Endocannabinoid System.

The endocannabinoid system plays a huge role in maintaining our overall health and wellness in our digestive process, mood, and feeling of pain among others. Even though the ECS is a source of natural cannabinoids that regulates and stabilizes our bodies, CBD works alongside it through a promotion of increased natural cannabinoids.

Through an enhancement of the natural healing processes of the body, CBD gets the ability to source and make use of our internal health far better than the way prescription medication does. And the most advantageous thing about CBD is that apart from being free of adverse side effects, it is also completely natural and produces no high feeling.

CBD Oil for Pain

Chronic pain

CBD has the ability to interact with the receptors that are found in your brain and also your immune system. Receptors are referred to as tiny particles that are attached to your cells. They receive chemicals signals that emanate from diverse stimuli so that they help cells to respond. When this process occurs, it will create an inflammatory ability and form a bond that will kill the pain. So, if you are suffering from chronic back pain, you can be highly assisted by this CBD. Research has been conducted and it has been proofed that it can be effective in managing pain.

Relieving of arthritis pain

After carrying studies on rats, the findings were promising that the product can be used on human beings that are suffering from arthritis. But more studies also need to be done for the same.

Cancer treatment

This product has been seen working on the reduction of cancerous tumors. For those that have undergone chemotherapy, they always suffer from pain. But when you take in CBD, you are sure that you can manage pain that might arise due to that painful process.

Control of multiple sclerosis (MS) pain

This is an autoimmune disease that will affect the right functioning of your brain and nerves. When this two are impaired, then you will get random spasms of the muscles. In some cases, it will lead to continuous pain. When you introduce this kind of oil, it will reduce the spasticity that is related to MS. The good part is that when you use oral cannabinoids, it will always improve the symptoms.

Relieving of acute pain

This is a kind of pain that is brought into the body from cuts, infections and other kinds of physical injuries that you might get. Acute pain should come and go fast in a few months. But this is achievable if you are treated in the right way. If you don’t treat this kind of pain, then it matures all the way into chronic pain which is harder to resolve. This where this kind of product will be highly useful.

Fibromyalgia pain

This is a kind of disorder that is known to cause lack of sleep, headaches, fatigue, depression, muscle pain and also bone pain. Pain is a subjective feeling and sometimes it is hard to even evaluate and also measure it. But research has been shown to reduce pain and stiffness, enhanced somnolence, sensations that are well-being, and also improvement of relaxation. CBD will give you more results that are better and also give no side effects at all.

Diabetes pain

If you are suffering from type 1 or even type 2 diabetes, CBD has been seen to reduce inflammation and also chronic inflammation. At the same time, it has the ability to improve the resistance of insulin. This product has the ability to lower blood sugar levels, enhance the metabolism of the body and also manage pain from diabetes.

The benefits of using CBD oil for pain relief

  • It has the ability to work in all types of pain
  • Capable of improving swelling, redness, reducing inflammation, and soreness.
  • It can help you to avoid any high doses of ibuprofen, oxytocin and also Percocet.
  • You will not experience any liver or even kidney problems.
  • It does not have high sensations and will not even show on drug tests
  • There are no side effects that are serious
  • It is not addictive hence will not force you to form any habit at all.
  • It is a natural product and has no additives at all.

The usage of this oil for pain relief

There are several ways that you can use to take this product. Here are some of the ways that you can opt for: –

  • You decide to either ingest it or even swallow it
  • You can also take it under the tongue, a method known as sublingual
  • Inhaling it is also another way
  • Consuming it with drinks or foods
  • Rubbing it against your skin

Fastest Way to use CBD

What you need to do is to splash a few drops of CBD oil right under your tongue and leave it for a few minutes so that it is able to be taken in by the mucous membrane. This is the best way because it will ensure that it bypasses the GI tract and enter into the bloodstream. That is why it is advisable to take the hemp CBD oil because it is known to improve your anxiety and stress, mood and also make you feel calm and also relaxed. For joint pain, take it through the mouth.

You don’t have to get worried of consulting doctors so that you are described for use of painkillers or even anti-inflammatories drugs. You are now educated and also informed so that you are able to manage your pain in the right manner. With the availability of scientific and also anecdotal evidence, there is always great hope for usage of CBD oil. You can either decide to use it acutely or even as a regular supplement in your food. Use it and you can fight all those health conditions that have always been a problem for you from time to time.


Although it may not be possible to speak on the behalf of all those who are suffering from back pain, the available options for relieving and treating this debilitating condition tend to be more on the restrictive side. While there exist many options the markets are yet to offer one that is better than CBD.

CBD as an option for potentially treating and managing back pains creates more diverse options. Clearly, with CBD the benefits outweigh all the other options! With CBD the relief from pain is natural with no adverse side effects and no chances of addiction and/ or overdosing! No matter the kind of back complaint, CBD is certainly the better option in relieving the symptoms.

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