My 5 Kratom for Energy/Motivation That Works 100%

As you might know, there’re over 10 strains of Kratom with unique strengths. You are here because you want the best strain for energy/motivation. You’ll also learn how much to take to get optimal levels of energy.

5 Best Kratom for Energy & Motivation

best kratom for energy/motivation

Kratom is available in powder and capsules that can be chewed, swallowed, or taken in form of tea. The strains have different effects due to its variation in pharmacology and alkaloid contents. Even so, here are the best kratom for energy/motivation:

Green Malay

Grown in Asia, green Malay is one of the most popular kratom veins. It contains high levels of mitragynine, and hence can boost focus and concentration. The aroma of the green strain is good for anxiety, chronic pain relief and sleep issues. It can also help you to overcome extreme mood swings and offers you a strong boost of energy coupled with a euphoric feeling.

Green Kratom is often recommended for energy.

The Green Malay strain has the anxiolytic effects that can uplift your mood. With its stimulating effects, it is also excellent in boosting cognitive abilities, creativity, and helping in finding motivation. Furthermore, the stain is comparatively cheaper than others and can last up to six hours.

Maeng Da Kratom

Since it contains high levels of both 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine, the Maeng Da is an ideal daytime strain to increase your energy levels instantly. Its alkaloids will enhance the metabolic processes and energy hormone levels and will help you overcome the feeling of weakness, lethargy, and lack of motivation. Furthermore, its high content of flavonoids will lead to maximum stimulation and that makes it an excellent alternative to coffee.

In addition to the energy-boosting effects, this Kratom strain from Thai can relieve pain and ease stress and anxiety while enhancing euphoric effects and moods. Thus, Maeng Da can bring out your creativity and offer you a positive mindset.

However, since the strain is highly potent, it is advised that you take doses that are lower than the typical recommended dosage. This will help you achieve a “clean” experience as well as suppress the sedating effects of the strain.

White Bali

Originating from Indonesia, white Bali offers the cleanliest smooth energy while preventing agitation in the body. It has high levels of potent alkaloids that boost confidence, energy, and motivation. Users say that it is the most “opioid-like” kratom strain that can relieve pain-related conditions including depression and chronic pain.

The white Bali strain is also known for its nootropic and anxiolytic effects that ensure clear-mindedness for its users and enhances your sense of wellbeing. This versatile strain has paradoxical effects and that means it can simultaneously have the calming and relaxing effects while also being mentally uplifting and stimulating. 

White Borneo

With a unique blend of alkaloids including 9-Hydroxycorynantheidine and Speciogynine, white Borneo is effective in delivering stimulation and mild analgesia. It also contain high concentrations of 7-hydroxymitragynine that provides energy, focus, productiveness, and elevates mental and cognitive function. Moreover, this white strain can trigger your body to release endorphins and serotonin that helps in easing stress, anxiety and depression.

Besides boosting your energy, Borneo can lift your mood, enhances relaxation, and enhances your concentration. It allows you to recover from fatigued feeling and will keep you active throughout the day. Therefore, it is an excellent kick start for motivation that allows you to be more driven and engaged to achieve your goals. Besides, the effects of a single dose of white Borneo can last for almost 6 hours.

Red Thai

No kratom list is complete without the red Thai. The kratom is from Thailand and has concentrations of 75% mitragynine that can boost endurance and energy. It also has nootropic effects that enhance cognitive ability and improves concentration. Its effects can last between four and seven hours.

If you have a tendency to experience intensive mood swings, the red vein Thai will help regulate them. Besides, it does not require a high dosage to be effective and hence increased tolerance will not be an issue.

The pharmacology of kratom as an energy booster

Keeping up with the ever-increasing workloads may seem like a hectic job. The lethargic and tiredness feeling can pose a challenge for anyone who wishes to lead a productive and happy life. 

Some people tend to resort to synthetic stimulants, liquor, and addictive medications to uplift their moods. However, these products might leave you feeling edgy and cause insomnia. 

Fortunately, there is a natural mood enhancer and herbal stimulant that offers energy and stimulation without the potential harmful effects – kratom.

While kratom has an array of benefits, it is mostly sought after because of its energy effects. Typically, the plant has two main alkaloids- Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. The alkaloids work by reacting to opioid receptors.

Receptors, found in the brain, are responsible for your fight or flight response during danger and contributes to the day-to-day energy regulation. The stimulation of the opioid receptors releases neurotransmitters that results in an adrenaline rush, generation of endorphins, mental clarity, reduction of anxiety and depression. The alkaloids also activate serotonergic and noradrenergic pathways in the spinal cord giving nociceptive and mild analgesia impacts.

It is crucial to note that while the best kratom for energy is known to bring opiate-like effects, it is not an opiate. In fact, kratom is usually used as an alternative to opiates since it does not have any significant respiratory depression associated with opiate use.

How Much Kratom to Take for Energy?

The stimulating effects of kratom are dependent on your intake dosage. Besides, everyone a unique body metabolism rate and therefore the strain will have different impact. Generally, 1-4 grams is considered the ideal dosage to achieve the refreshing and energizing outcomes. At this low dosage, kratom produces mental clarity and enhances your physical and mental energy. However, in high doses, kratom can result in higher levels of sedation, euphoria, and analgesia that are not ideal for focus and energy.

Bottom Line

Whether you need a push to take on that daunting task or require continuous motivation to pursue your goals, The best kratom for energy/motivation is the ideal stimulant for you. All strains of Kratom will have you experiencing energy boost but, some are more noticeable than others. The above mentioned strains not only help you stay clear-headed, calm, and concentrated but also maintain the effect for long. Besides, they are natural nootropics that can result in cognitive improvement and elevated motivation.

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