Akuamma vs Kratom – The Key Difference (which is better?)

Akuamma is a natural remedy commonly used to treat pain and insomnia. People who can’t get their hands on kratom for legal and personal reasons will find akuamma seeds useful. It may not be as potent as kratom. Akuamma does also work on opioid receptors.

This makes it a good option instead of addictive opioid medications. Ever since kratom hit the mainstream, due to its exceptional painkilling properties, government organizations like to spread propaganda and scare people to keep selling FDA approved drugs. If you are in need of pain relief but can’t get kratom for whatever reason, akuamma powder is your best option.

In this article, we will tackle the question of akuamma vs kratom.

What Is Akuamma?

Akuamma (Picralima Nitida) is a tree with seeds used as a traditional medicine in West Africa to treat malaria and stomach problems. 

It grows in tropical climates and harvested in the wilds. The seeds contain an indole alkaloid known as akuammine. This alkaloid makes up 0.56% in dried powder that’s purchased from vendors. Many people use this herb because of its numerous therapeutic effects and little side effects.

Traditionally, its seeds were used in West Africa to treat several conditions. Although its origin is unknown, research says that the herb was widely used as folk medicine in West African countries.

In modern times it has become more known because people are waking up and realizing natural alternatives like Akuamma is effective to improve health and wellbeing.

The dominant alkaloid is called “Akuammine” and is responsible for the pain relief. Scientists have also discovered other alkaloids and what they do:

  • Akuammidine—pain relief
  • Akuammicine—works on  kappa-opioid receptors
  • Akuammigine—prevents harmful effects of adrenaline
  • Pseudo-akuammigine— anti-inflammatory and supports the nervous system
  • Pericine—binds to mu-opioid receptors
  • Alstonine—antipsychotic

Akuamma Effects

Akuamma produces calming effects due to its rare indole alkaloid content. Nature is intelligent. A plant-like Akuamma is a perfect pain reliever because of the smooth calming effects that hit you in about  30 minutes. Akuamma powder can also significantly reduce panic attacks.


Sedation is the main effect of this herb. It is, therefore, helpful for someone who has sleep difficulties caused by stress or anxiety. It works fast to make someone feel calm and relaxed. Also, if used right, it can help relieve pain. It’s, therefore, an excellent natural alternative to opiates. You only need one or two seeds to help relieve pain. In other places, akuamma seeds are used for fighting parasites and treating diabetes as well as malaria.

Akuamma Dosage

As it can be powerful, experts recommend that you start with a small dosage and work your way up to higher doses, while monitoring how your body responds. It would be best if you practiced minute increments until you find the right level for you. Note that specific dosages do vary as our bodies are different.

The standard dosage of akuamma seed extract comes in a capsule/pill form. But, it is also available in powdered form. Dosages can range from 250mg to 1g. Beginners should take the lowest dosage available. However, some heavier users might take as much as 2-4grams of this herb.

Side Effects

Like any other herbal supplement, this herb also has some side effects. However, these effects are often mild and will last for a short time. They include nausea, stomach upsets, and headaches. Note that these effects mostly occur in users who’ve taken akuamma in excess.

Akuamma vs Kratom

akuamma vs kratom

Akuamma and Kratom are different. You need different doses. Kratom is stronger and might be ideal for intense pain. 

These two substances induce the same therapeutic effects when consumed. But, a debate that’s been on for some time is which is more powerful. Although reviewers claim than kratom is more potent and long-lasting, many individuals still prefer akuammma because its effects are mild and build up slowly. Therefore, first-time users find this herb pleasant. Again, unlike kratom, akuamma is readily available worldwide. It is legal across all countries hence can easily be obtained if need be.

Where to Buy Akuamma Seeds

Well, you can find these seeds at head shops or online stores. Some of the best vendors of this product include buykratom.us, who sell one ox bag for $7.00. Supernatural Botanicals also sell seeds in bulk from $24.99. Other sellers include Herb Stomp and World Seed Supply.

It would be best if you researched these vendors independently to determine whether you’re comfortable purchasing their products. Check the Better Business Bureau website and read customer experiences from sites such as Reddit, to learn more about a seller.

Final Thoughts

If you are stressed or anxious or you need relief from choric pain or muscle relaxation, akuamma is the right natural treatment for you. But, as with most herbal supplements, it also has some side effects. Users are therefore advised to start with small dosages and build up over time to determine their correct levels.