Top 12 Herbal Hair Growth Oils: Unlock Natural Solutions for Thicker, Healthier Hair

Which herbal oils are best for hair growth?

And more importantly, which ones has the absolute best research and anecdotal evidence for natural hair growth? Good question. Here’s the answer:

Saw Palmetto

Saw palmetto is a major hero against hair loss. It is a top botanical hair restoration solution. 

Only because Palmetto saves your testosterone from an evil enzyme.

This enzyme converts testosterone into something called baldness. This makes it useful to stop balding at its tracks.

Saw palmetto is more than a shield for thinning hair.

Saw palmetto is a useful medication not only to stop the thinning process, but also to aid regeneration of hair follicles. 

Use this herb to create a compelling environment for hair growth to happen. Works best when consumed and used topically. 

How to use:

  • Mix the oil in shampoo and other infusions.
  • Pair with a carrier oil like coconut oil or castor oil.
  • Use for at least 1 hour or overnight if you are in deep need.

Massage your scalp and always use a scalp brush to open up the doorway for these oils to enter. This improves absorption and blood flow.


The “king of herbs” – in the ayurvedic medicine space.

Loved for the rejuvenating effects ro stimulate hair follicles to promote hair growth in great manner. This will also lead to less hair loss. Great scalp health is the staple to organic hair growth treatments to do its magic.

How to Use:

Bhringraj oil should be massaged directly on your scalp or used as a hair mask.

Warm it before so it can penetrate deep into the scalp. Leave for 30 minutes or overnight. Wash off with good shampoo.

Within weeks, you can see visible results in texture and hair growth.

Combine with other herbal hair growth oil like coconut to enhance its efficacy.


Moringa is simply a must-have hair growth oil.

The “miracle tree” has all the nutrients and vitamins needed for hair growth and great scalp health.  It is one of those natural hair growth remedies that will live long lasting impact on our hair and health when used consistently.

Vitamin A helps balancing oil production in hair to allow growth. Zinc helps hair growth by also contributing to the hair repair mechanism.

How to Use:

Moringa oil directly on your scalp is the way. Massage your scalp with it several minutes to get blood moving. Intense treatment? Leave the oil overnight and wash your hair in the morning with shampoo.

Mix with coconut oil to make it more powerful because of coconut’s ability to penetrate your hair shaft, effortlessly. 

Consuming moringa powder is also a great way to nourish your within for faster and healthier hair growth with these oils.


Rosemary oil for hair is also one of your best herbal hair growth choice you can make.

It is famous and loved for its ability to regulate and improve proper circulation on your scalp. 

It is a must because you want to enhance the flow of nutrients to your hair follicles. The antioxidant within rosemary is also powerful to stop hair loss.

How to Use:

For best results, mix a few drops with jojoba or olive oil and massage your scalp. Can repeat this process several times a week. Intense treatment requires you add it to shampoo or conditioner.

Gentle brushing and keeping your scalp moisturized with castor oil or other herbal remedies, is key to see noticeable results.


Peppermint oil is one you will grow to like because it has a cooling effect on your scalp that will tingle your brain.

This means not only less scalp irritations, itching or other boring stuff, but also enhanced blood flow. Hair growth and increased number and depth in hair follicles is what peppermint stands for.

How to use:

Peppermint with a carrier oil, such as coconut or jojoba, and massage gently on your scalp, seem to be the best method. 

1-2 drops of this herbal oil with 1 tablespoon of a carrier oil will prevent irritation. Leave it for 20 minutes.

It is a strong oil so really shot for 2 drops and not more.


Lavender gets rid of microbes and is ideal for exceptional scalp health. It creates an environment that’s necessary for hair follicles to thrive.

How to Use: 

Lavender with a carrier oil and massaged scalp, is the best because it offers soothing and effective hair treatment. Often used to leave overnight and wake up to hair that will look great after you rinse it off.

Start the day with a nurtured scalp to get yourself some new hair.

Lavender with meditation or whatever activity you do to combat stress, can do wonder for hair growth. Stress kills hair.


This herbal hair treatment is good to get proper proteins and acids in your scalp. This prevents dandruff and hair loss. 

Fenugreek helps to rebuild hair follicles and the nicotinic acids sparks hair growth. Great if you want more dense hair.

How to Apply:

A paste made from this herbal source fuels hair growth.

Fenugreek goes well with coconut oil to add hydration and empower hair shafts.

For an added boost, mix fenugreek paste with coconut milk or oil, which adds hydration and further strengthens hair shafts. Good to consume as well for extra boost.


Nettle leaf is loved for the DHT-blocking capacity, an enemy to hair growth.

It is also high in vitamins and minerals that promotes hair growth and at the same time; improve scalp health.

How to Use:

Comes in many forms. Leaf extract oil or tea. Both are good for hair growth. 

Nettle oil works well when you massage it into your scalp. Tea can detox your body from within, which then shows up on your hair.

Combine nettle oil with a carrier oil for a better nourishing treatment. Regular use can lead to noticeable improvements in hair strength and growth over time.

Castor Oil

Castor oil is worshipped for its rich acid content that is crucial for anyone looking for hair growth with oils. This herbal is best for quick hair loss prevention and to encourage regrowth.

Prevents scalp infection  and makes the scalp a much healthier environment. Castor even has fatty acids to help you moisturise your scalp and hair properly.

Great oil if you want thicker hair and to get rid of that drought on your scalp.

How to Use:

Pour castor oil on your scalp. Leave it on for night if you want the best results.

Massage it well to make sure this oil can penetrate the scalp and hair follicles. Use a scalp brush to get rid of dead skin cells and other crap on your scalp that is hindering hair growth. 

Wash out in the morning.

This herbal oil is very sticky and thick. Mixing castor oil with a lighter oil can make the process easier. 

Mixed with peppermint or rosemary oil works well together to give you some hair growth.

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is famous for its capacity to mimic sebum,  the natural oil produced by your scalp. It is a great choice for moisture to combat dryness and destroy your existing hair.

How to Use:

Warm a few drops in your hand and massage the scalp. The warmth helps to open up your hair follicles to make them available for hair growth.

Works wonders as a leave-in treatment overnight. Great to use daily, especially for taming frizz and just to add a little bit of life in your hair

Joba is best used with other herbs and oils. Lavender or rosemary can enhance the growth. Great for an oily scalp and to get the body’s oil production in balance. A must if you want a healthy scalp environment.

Argan Oil 

Argan oil or “liquid gold”, is a rich source for essential nutrients of all kinds the hair needs to thrive.  Strengthening hair follicles naturally and nourishes the scalp well. The antioxidants protect your hair from damage from car fumes, or whatever’s out there.

It makes the hair shiny and easier to handle. 

How to Use:

A few drops of argan oil on damp or dry hair, helps to prevent split ends and reduce dryness.

You can also use it for intense treatment. As a herbal hair mask, it works well if you leave on for 30 minutes or overnight. Wash out in the morning and enjoy.

Also, scalp massage and argan oil goes hand in hand. This makes hair growth much simpler. Use regularly if you want to reduce damage, breakage, and enjoy a thicker and stronger hair.

Coconut Oil

Coconut has its unique ability to penetrate your hair shafts. This means deeper nourishment and protection against hair loss at its core. Combine it all the best oils for hair growth in this article for best results that’ scientifically possible.

Rich in lauric acid. Crucial for keeping hair strong and hydrated.

How to Use: 

Warm it in your hands and use it on damp hair for an easier distribution. Massage your scalp from roots to ends. Leave it overnight for best results.

This herbal oil works well with rosemary oil and castor oil. Great for specific hair concerns as well, like dryness in the scalp, dandruff or thinning hair.

How to use A Herbal Hair Growth oil for Optimal Growth

These are the best organic hair care solutions backed by science and anecdotal reviews. These are ethical hair care methods that are holistic.