How To Treat Teen Acne Early

teen acne

Everyone from your dermatologist to your mother has their differing opinions on acne and ways to treat it. For instance, one may tell you that eating certain types of food have a direct link to causing acne. Another may tell you that your acne is purely genetic and that only taking medication can cure the … Read more

Acne And Smoking: Breaking Down The Correlation

When discussing the effects that smoking can have on your body and overall health, people automatically think to heart disease and lung cancer. What people forget to think about is that smoking affects all areas of the body, which notably includes your skin. An increased amount of researchers are spending their time looking for any … Read more

Stress And Acne: Causes & Prevention Tactics

stress acne

If you’re one of the millions of college students out there who have to deal with increased levels of stress during exam time, you’re probably experiencing some form of acne breakout. This is because acne and stress have a direct correlation with one another. In fact, during the early 2000’s a study was published in … Read more

Acne No More: Every Secret to Vibrant Skin Revealed

acne no more

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars annually on skincare products, there are better ways to fix your skin health. While acne is a complicated skin condition, using the right treatment program can repair your skin within weeks. The beauty of the Acne No More system is that it tackles the problems caused by mild-to severe … Read more