Best Organic Moringa Powder Vendors (How to AVOID Poison From Common Brands)

90% of the “positive” reviews on organic moringa powder are fake and unreliable. You can check that for yourself with a tool like Fakespot.

It will show you that the popular Moringa Powders online are filled with fake reviews to boost sales.

The first thing you must look for to find the best moringa powder is if its made from whole leaves only.

To tell if the moringa powder you buy is real, there are several ways to tackle this problem.

First of all:

Top quality moringa only consist of one ingredient:

  • Moringa oleifera leaves

If you see anything else when shopping, avoid it. You want to choose a moringa powder that’s vibrant green. Brown or dull color is the worst.

Certification & Seal

This will very that your moringa powder is the best.

It’s like the blue checkmark you see on public figures on social media.

No specific seal exist, yet for moringa. But a third party seal can assure us we are getting what we want.


I have seen a lot of fake and fishy reviews on moringa powder online now. This is not a surprise for me. Moringa is trending and people want to reel in the money.

Luckily for you and me, we can spot these and only shop organic moringa powder directly.

This moringa powder has unreliable reviews.

However, the average Amazon shopper don’t even know about it and think its good because it has 4/5 rating and many positive reviews. Sad.

If you check some of the 1 star reviews on the many other fake and unreliable review, you will read some boring stuff. People say they got cramps and that the taste is disgusting. Some have even claimed they got lead poisoned from this shit.

Best Organic Moringa Powder Online

best organic moringa powder

I have checked a lot of moringa powders on Amazon. Most are unreliable.

I can say that this one is the one I would recommend. It checks all the marks discussed earlier.

organic moringa powder

The organic moringa from Amazing Grass is also reliable.

If you want to check stuff like this when shopping on Amazon, I’m using this chrome extension:

Look for Transparency

Now that we know how to separate the real moringa from the fake ones, let’s learn something else.

Choose a packaging that display transparent information because otherwise they are probably hiding something.

We want to know where and how they are sourcing the organic moringa powder. And that the farm has a good reputation.

Moringa must be free from any fillers and unnecessary stuff. You don’t want to be the one who orders moringa and ends up getting powdered steams.

Process Method Determines If Your Moringa Is Garbage

To get the best and organic moringa leaf powder it must be processed with love and care. Gentle processing is the way because it preserves all the nutritional value the plant has.

That’s why we buy it.

Moringa powder that’s cold-pressed or made with low temperature drying is what you should demand. This will make sure the nutrients are alive and ready to be absorbed by your system.

Packaging Can Make or Break Your Moringa Powder

The best way to package organic moringa to keep it fresh and top quality is to use airtight, and light-resistant logistics.

This will make sure the nutrients are safe from UV radiation, moisture and oxygen.

There you go. Right now, only 2 vendors are transparent and worth my money. Drop a comment where you bought your organic moringa powder. I’m curious.