Where to Buy Nootropics?: Safe & Secure (Worldwide)

Where to buy nootropics?

The supplement industry can be a nasty place. Nootropics have an impact on your brain chemistry, so it’s extra important to buy them from a trusted seller. These stores are trusted and their product has also been lab-tested to make sure they are free from harmful toxins. Purchase your noots from one of these stores so you get pure and safe products to improve your brain function. All these suppliers also offer a money-back guarantee.


Nootropics Depot Worldwide

where to buy nootropics

This is a company I buy from since I’m located in Sweden. Nootropics Depot ships to USA and worldwide. They offer a huge list of nootropics with an easy to navigate website. All the products are tested with in-house lab testing with equipment such as HPLC (High-Performance Liquid Chromatography). They offer nootropics in both capsule and powder from.

Why you need to buy from a trusted vendor

Many nootropics has the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier (BBB). BBB is responsible for keeping you alive by deciding what nutrient should enter and what should leave. Therefore, it’s extra important that your nootropics are tested and free from harmful toxins before they enter your brain. Below are my favorite stores that sell nootropics that make sure their products are pure.

The following vendors all sell quality products so you can rest assure you get improved brain function.

Peak Nootropics

where to buy nootropics

This company is high on this list because they have a strict quality control. Peak nootropic uses third-party lab test so your nootropics are 98% pure. They have standard nootropics such as Noopept, Adrafinil, Aniracetam, etc. Peak Nootropics mainly focuses on the nootropics in the Racetam Family.

They ship internationally with few exceptions. Below is an excerpt taken from their website. Don’t worry if your country is on this list, there are alternative stores to get your nootropics from.

Absorb Health

where to buy nootropics

A well-known and highly trusted company that recently expanded their storage with nootropics. They offer many of the popular nootropics along with other health care products for your health.

DuckDose – Modafinil

where to buy nootropics

One of few online stores that sell Modafinil. DuckDose offers you an easy tracking system with a full refund if your product gets stuck at customs.

Shipping time estimates:

  • United States (6-14 Days)
  • United Kingdom (3-7 Days)
  • Australia (6-14 Days)

Important Stuff To Know before You Buy Nootropics

Before spending your time to buy nootropics, you need to be aware of a few things first.

With this blooming nootropic trend, new and old companies will settle down to get a piece of the cake.

But there will always be companies who focus more on making a profit than establish a good relationship with the customers. You can see this happening if you take a look at magnesium pills. There are different types of magnesium forms; some have better absorption rate than others. The cheapest form of magnesium to produce is called “magnesium oxide.”

And it’s also the most common one because it’s cheap to produce and the companies who manufacture makes huge profits. But most buyers don’t know it and the end of the day, they purchase garbage.

So here is what you want to look for before you buy nootropics.


You get what you pay for. If you go for the cheapest nootropic, you also end up with poor quality which your body don’t like and will have a hard time to absorb.

Take a close look at the price and don’t hesitate to pay a little extra to get quality products that work.


This might be obvious, but what is your goal with nootropics?

Do you want to have improved and enhanced memory? Or maybe you want to boost your focus to achieve your dreams much faster than the average human being. There are nootropics for everything. From improving memory to enhance visual perception.


Where is the company located? Companies from USA, Europe, Australia have particular legal protection if things don’t go according to your plan. Other countries outside those above can and will be legit. But the consumer protection may be different.

Customer Service

Does the company answer emails and phone calls? Ask question to them and see if they respond with knowledge. A good company will answer your question according to their products.


A legitimate company has a return policy if you aren’t satisfied with your product, you can claim your money back. Or if they somehow got lost along the way, they send a new one. That’s important to know before you order and buy nootropics.

Time on the web

Look for how long the company has been on the internet. www.waybackmachine.org allows you to find out easily out how many years they have been around. Companies with bad reputation don’t hang around too long online for you to buy nootropics.


Before you buy any nootropic, mainly man-made nootropics. Make sure that it’s legal in your country to avoid pain in the future. Some countries sell nootropic and label them with different names.

  • peter says:

    Don’t trust any of these places, except the one from India. Anything made in the USA is diluted, and most likely not even a real product. I used to order straight from UK, and the prescription medications there are completely different and have a real effect on one’s cognitive abilities. The nootropics sold in US are not the real product.

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