What is Kratom Made From? 5 Main Ingredients

What is Kratom made from? Kratom is a tall, tropical evergreen tree from Southeast Asia. It is from the same family as coffee.

What makes Kratom popular and unique is the high amount of plant chemicals that kills pain plus a plethora of other health benefits.

Kratom leaves have an abundance of interesting alkaloids that makes it for what it is:

What Ingredients In Kratom?

what is kratom made from

Mitragynine is the common alkaloid found in any type of kratom.

7-hydroxymitragynine is the least common alkaloid but with the highest painkilling effects. Users who want Kratom to treat pain should seek a strain that contains more of this alkaloid.

These two are the primary alkaloids responsible for the opioid-like effects and why the plant can help with dependency.

Payanhtenine is the alkaloid that relaxes muscles.

Corynantheidine is also found in Yohimbe. It has a role as a metabolite but also helps with the pain relief effects.

Mitraphylline is used in the past for arthritis, cancer, heart and inflammatory diseases. Today’s research has shown promising results and use as an  anti-cancer and inflammatory agent. 

Akuammigine’s role is as a plant metabolite.

Kratom Use Today

There are more alkaloids but with less scientific studies. Kratom has been studied for at least 100 years for its benefits to treat pain and opioid withdrawal.

You who suffer from pain and opioid cravings might find Kratom to be a life-saver. People are becoming more health-conscious and want to rely on natural remedies.

But just because it is natural doesn’t mean it is safe and you can take how much you want. Kratom is potent and you must know how much to take and when not to.

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