Yellow Vietnam Kratom Review ( Shocking Truth Revealed)

Yellow Vietnam Kratom is made using an ancient drying process method. This produces a totally different alkaloid content and longer lasting unique effects. The taste is far less bitter.

But I learned that every yellow kratom is the same. There’s no difference if you buy “yellow Borneo” from a vendor or “yellow Vietnam” from another vendor.

If you ask kratom farmers in Indonesia they’ll tell you it’s the same thing.

Yellow Vietnam Kratom

vietnam kratom

I was surprised at how good this strain was. Not only because of the effects but that I found it in cold Scandinavia. You can find it in USA from Purkratom.

The taste of yellow borneo is delicious compared to red maeng da. I felt more energized and had zero brain fog.

Weirdly enough, it t made me think positive, clear thoughts.

The effects become relaxing after around the twenty minutes marginal, but still can think clear and long-chain of thoughts. This is a favorite strain because of the nice effects on the mind.

Yellow kratom powder, be it Yellow Vietnam or Borneo, is mild but effective for your mind. I’ll order more because it works well to uplift mood and energy. Mellow, relaxed and clean stimulating effect overall, would recommend.

What Are The Effects of Vietnam Kratom?

mekong river
One of the biggest rivers in Asia: The Mekong River in Vietnam. Kratom grows nearby in the surroundings

What does yellow Vietnam kratom do?

The uniqueness about yellow Vietnam, according to kratom enthusiasts, is the pleasant effects on your mind and body.

The pain-relieving effects work for most types of pains, but the relief is not so very present in yellow vein.

Yellow Vietnam Effects:

  • Calms down the mind and body
  • Provides mental energy
  • Improves your mood
  • No sedative effects
  • Enhance visual perception

Some people also claim, which I totally agree on, is that yellow Vietnam soothes your stomach. Maybe you agree too if you’ve ever tried high doses of white horn?

You can feel the effects fast and they are balanced between energy and pleasure for your mind and body. The quality seems to vary a lot depending on the vendor and their strains of kratom.

Some people don’t like the analgesic effects while others see them as a blessing because without the sedation you get instead improved mood and mental energy.

Yellow Vietnam kratom strain is the most popular within the family. There are more options with unique effects as we’ll discuss now.

Green Vietnam Kratom

Those who are looking for pain relief in Vietnam Kratom should definitely give green a try. Green veins, in general, are known for being a balance between red and white strains.

Green Vietnam is ideal for daytime pain relief because you also get more energy and enhanced focus.  The effects green offers are long-lasting and not overly sedating.

Green Vietnam Effects:

  • Great pain reliever and energizer
  • May Improves focus depending on your biochemistry
  • Calms down the mind
  • Improves focus and mental clarity
  • Gentle stimulating

The relaxation of a green Vietnam is therapeutic and a savior for those who suffer from chronic stress and depression.

Red Vietnam

If you want relaxation effects and pain relief without feeling drowsy, then you need red vein Vietnam. Unlike green and yellow, you don’t get stimulated but still able to use your mind efficiently.

Note that red Vietnam is a mild option alternative to the other red veined kratoms.

Red Vietnam Effects:

  • Improves mood
  • Pain relief
  • Can be a mild-stimulant for some
  • Improves sleep and mood
  • Reduce stress

Many people praise green for its ability to improve sleep by making these kratom users sleepy and calm down mind-chatter.

White Vietnam

While Vietnam is said to produce powerful stimulating effects that provide you with energy and focus. While Vietnam is probably better than coffee when it comes to mental clarity and focus.

It’s stronger than most white veins, including maeng da, but doubts it beats a perfectly cultivated Hulu Kratom?

White Vietnam Effects:

  • Powerful stimulant
  • Reduce social anxiety
  • Promotes wakefulness and fights tiredness
  • Improves mood

Expecting pain relief from this strain is not gonna take you far, instead, you go for green or red.


Try to avoid Vietnam Kratom late at night because the stimulating effects can disturb sleep for some. Mornings and during mid-day is the best way.

You want to dose gram by gram. A low dose is a good way to test a kratom. Start with only 1 or 2 g and see how it feels. People say the best effects are hidden somewhere between 4-5 g.

Not on an empty stomach

Avoid Yellow Vietnam if your stomach is empty because it’s a strong strain. A banana or 30 minutes after breakfast will do. You also want to stay hydrated, especially if you have a yellow strain.