How to Feel Like You’re on the Real Limitless Pill

To  find a nootropic similar to NZT you need to search for a one that regulates and establish a full balanced brain chemistry.

Balance is key. It cannot be overstated that balance is key for optimal brain function. This may be the hardest part but it’s achievable. There’s a link at the end of this post to a free brain quiz to identify what neurotransmitters are deficient.

You also need to identify and remove subconscious fears if you want to obtain a limitless mindset.

A mindset is what you think and feel about any subject. Your beliefs create your reality. Other people around you create your reality. It’s called unconscious group selection.

Understand (F)alse (E)motion (A)appearing (R)eal

the real limitless pill

We fear the thing we want the most. – Robert Anthony

You were born with only two fears; Fear of falling and loud noises.

Fear is a response to something that’s perceived as threatening, dangerous or harmful.

There are internal and external fears. If you want a new mindset, you need to take care of your internal fears.

Internal fears (subconscious) hold you back from achieving the things you want by making you feel incapable of doing it without even trying.

Internal fears can be generalized to low self-esteem and doubt created by external fears.

Maybe you want to start your own business. But you might doubt your abilities to do so and never make an effort to even try.

You might say to yourself;

  • I’m too old
  • I have no time
  • This isn’t me
  • Maybe later
  • I can’t change
  • Lack of talent
  • What will people think of me

If you think that you’re hardwired with your current belief system – Watch this short animated clip about neuroplasticity.


The Subconscious Mind

the real limitless pill

“Know that in your deeper mind are Infinite Intelligence and Infinite Power.”
― Joseph Murphy

The subconscious job is to store and retrieve data.

It does not think or resonate independently. Your conscious mind governs the subconscious with your commands. Its job is to make sure you respond the way you are “programmed”.

The subconscious mind works 24/7 to make your consistent pattern fit with your emotions, hopes, and desires.  Your subconscious makes you act and think based on what you’ve done and said in the past.

All your habits and thinking patterns are stored here. Your comfort zone lives inside the subconscious mind. Every time you want to do something new and different, your subconscious produce emotionally and physically discomfort.

The point is to keep you alive and away from danger (fears).

This is also why some people reject this knowledge. Because they are so attached to their way of living and thinking and when stuff like this appeal to them.

They can get defensive and protect their current belief system. And don’t even know they do it because it’s subconscious behaviors.

If you wish to grow and achieve a limitless mindset, you must always do and allow yourself to feel uncomfortable. Life begins outside  the comfort zone.

Conscious VS Subconscious Thinking

Where do you start? Start by meditation and observe your thoughts. Drink matcha tea to get yourself into a deeper state of consciousness.

Achieve a balanced brain chemistry and combine that with what you learned here. Keep your brain updated with nutrients. Read Herbal & Natural Nootropics for Improved Brain Function

●Brain Quiz – Identify your deficiencies

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