Snorting Noopept Can Be Dangerous (Wait Before You Try)

Should you be snorting noopept?

The low bioavailability it has when taken orally can be a problem for some.

Most people take it through the nose because you get the effects much faster. But this can cause nosebleeds and damage your nasal cavities. If you must take it that way buy pure premade nasal spray.

Well, that’s true if you buy nootropics from sources that ship authentic products.

Personally, I don’t have something against snorting noopept if the source is right.

But here’s something worth considering. If snorting noopept kicks in faster and has greater effects, buy nasal spray from Ceretropic if you ever going to take it through the nose.

And what’s the main goal with noopept anyway? Focus?Memory?Or the because it can stimulate the growth of new brain cells? If that’s so, you should get Lion’s Mane for neurogenesis. Kratom or Phenylpiracetam can serve you with focus. Both feel like a stimulant, too.

In a few words: Snort noopept only if you’ve never experienced the effects orally. Better yet, try and read about Semax, which is structurally similar to noopept but it works for most of the time. Semax you take through your nose, better option to noopept.


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