The Truth About Red Riau Kratom – Is Green Better?

Red Riau kratom comes from the rainy Riau province in Indonesia. It offers you the effects Sumatra and Indo does, but with a twist. The aroma is musky and more charming than Sumatra’s. It’s a sweet and pleasant smell compared to most kratoms. And Riau doesn’t taste bad. The bitterness is almost gone, or at least manageable.

Red Raiu was previously sold as Sumatra kratom. For good reasons, too. Both are relaxing and last longer than green strains. And both are euphoric with almost identical effects; Red Riau is more calming.

It’s a great strain to unwind after a long workday. Take your preferred grams and watch an interesting documentary and let Red Riau kratom can soothe your mind. Works well for the reader, too. Let this strain calm you down so you can immerse yourself in the book without thinking of tomorrow’s chores. The effect kicks in after 10-15 minutes and lasts for 4-6 hours.

What Is Red Riau Kratom?

Red Riau comes from Indonesia and because of that, it’s similar to other strains in this region. Red Raiu makes excellent teas. Spend the sedating effects with a cup of hot tea in front of your favorite TV show.

The Effects

Some people report more energy and a soothing feeling. Interesting, since red veins are not associated with energy. This is a good strain to have when you want sedation without sacrificing your energy.

Pain Relief

Red Riau is relaxing and analgesic by nature, like almost all red strains. But It’s a weak sedative strain compared to red Indo and red Thai. This can be an advantage for some if you don’t want to give up your energy to kill the pain.

Mood, Anxiety & Stress

The mood-boosting effects of red Riau kratom are like the typical Borneo strain, subtle and effective, but with a slight energy kick. The anti-anxiety effects are impressive because you don’t have to be sedated to feel it.

The anti-anxiety is stronger in green Raiu and the anti-stress effects are stronger in red Raiu.

In other words, Red Riau is for your pain and stress relief needs. It’s more sedating than green. Green is for your anxiety and mood enhancement needs.

Green Riau is a weak kratom. It makes sense only if you want to boost mental focus without to much stimulation.

Side Effects

Even if Red Riau kratom is new to the kratom family, few people have reported side effects. These reports are mostly when the user took a high amount daily. Nausea is the common side effect. Have a light meal before you try and you should be good.

How to Use Red Riau

How much you take depends on what you want to achieve. Check out this complete kratom guide. You’ll find a section dedicated to the different stages and how much you need to take to get there.

Red Riau is a great strain for toss and wash because of the pleasant taste and smell. Grapefruit juice instead of water is recommended even if it’s not bitter. Grape juice lets you experience kratom better since the alkaloids like grape juice. Works well with water as well. No worries.

You should take it on an empty stomach to avoid interaction. The effects kick in faster also. But wait at least 3-4 hours after you had your meal.

What you can do as an alternative, is to take it in the morning before breakfast. You can eat a banana first to get your energy supply up and to avoid nausea.


Red Riau is a pleasant strain for both your mind and body. Good for pain, anxiety, and stress relief without sacrificing energy. It can induce euphoria similar to Red Dragon Kratom.