Why Red Dragon Kratom Is Better Than Coffee (Unexpected Truth)

Red Dragon Kratom is one of the most potent strain of kratom on the market.

The name Red Dragon Kratom is a made up name for marketing purposes.

This trend to name kratom is seen nowadays with many varieties of kratom.  A good example would be yellow Vietnam Kratom and yellow Borneo—Just call it yellow kratom powder and forget about it. Anyone who tells you these are different—it’s all in their head.

This post will discuss Red Dragon Kratom and why it has become popular.

Red Dragon Kratom Review

If you have used Red Thai before then Red Dragon is no different.

Although this strain is still new in the market, it has had an impact on most customers and has been appreciated by many.

Some vendors have put their unique touch in it and blended it with other strains to boost its power so users come back for more.

The Effects of Red Dragon Kratom

Red Dragon Kratom mimics caffeine effects and it is advised to not use it late at night if you are sensitive to stimulants because it can cause insomnia.

Potent Energizer

Red Dragon Kratom effects are stimulating. Exactly as red vein Thai Kratom, which is a dominant strain for energy and stimulation.

If you need an energy booster to activate your lazy lifestyle then these are the strains you should aim for. Not only will it enhance your physical strength but it will also boost your mental health to keep you alert.

So as mentioned above, the leaves of Red Dragon Kratom work just like coffee to generate cerebral energy. Not so strange since kratom is related to the coffee plant. But kratom doesn’t produce jittery effects and it can be a great replacement for your morning coffee. Try to add some powder into a cup of hot green tea and flavor it with honey.

You can make use of red dragon kratom at midday when your energy levels start to go down.

Stress Relief

The antidepressant effects this strain has on the mind makes it a great stress reliever. It calms the nerve and gets rid of the stress to give the user a positive attitude.  This fits well with the energizing effects to reduce nervousness and release mental tension.

Social Anxiety

Patients who experience anxiety and panic attacks or have a problem interacting with others can benefit from this strain. It seems to reduce agoraphobia—a condition where a person perceives the environment unsafe. Yellow Kratom is better at this, however.

Mild Sedation

Patients who experience anxiety and panic attacks or have a problem interacting with others can benefit from this strain. It seems to reduce agoraphobia—a condition where a person perceives the environment unsafe. Yellow kratom is better at this, however.

Red Dragon Kratom for sleep might work for some. The stimulating effects may make it difficult to fall asleep for you. First time I took this strain, Red Thai basically, I couldn’t fall asleep and was wake the whole night until 11:00 am and had like 3 hours sleep.

I would not call it a Kratom for insomnia. There’s better Kratom for sleep, like bali, or other non-stimulating strains.

The sleep improvement might come if you take it midday since it also helps relax your muscles so you will have an easy time falling asleep when the effects wears off.

Pain Relief

Red Dragon Kratom can also get rid of pain since it has high concentrations of alkaloids, like most red veins. If you don’t like the conventional painkillers then this is the remedy you need to consider if you want something to take during the day.

The fact that this strain contains high concentration of Mitragynine also makes it work like an opioid. It therefor works by activating the mu-opioid receptors in your brain. So you have a natural remedy that can relieve both chronic and acute pain.

People with muscle aches, vascular pains, migraines, and pain caused by arthritis are advised to take Red Dragon strain kratom powder.

This strain is perfect when you must get things done but have pain that hinders you.


red dragon kratom

The origin of this strain is not known but there are some researches and rumors that say it comes from an exclusive type of Mitragyna species, a tree found deep in the jungles of South East Asia.

These areas have the best soil and climate conditions where the most exquisite strains of kratom thrive. Such conditions make it for the high alkaloid content found in Red Dragon Kratom.

Dosage for Your Needs

The effectiveness of any kratom lies in the dosage, the same applies to the Red Dragon Kratom. So in order to enjoy the full benefits of this remedy, you need to ensure you only follow the accurate dosage.

However, the dosage will vary from person to person and also the reason why you are using this strain.

For instance, if you are using this remedy to get rid of pain, you will require a high dosage. If you take a low dose then the soreness or pain will still be there.

Here is a look at the different dosages to consider for different uses.

Red Dragon Kratom for Insomnia

If you are suffering from insomnia or other sleep related problems, you should take a dosag3 of 4-5 grams of Red Dragon Kratom. The best time to take it is five hours before bed so the effects can wear off and you can actually fall asleep.

Treating insomnia is not always necessary to do right before bedtime.

During daytime is best so that it has an effect on you when its time to sleep. But keep in mind that this should not be considered as a replacement for a sleeping aid.

The organic effects this strain exert on your body is what calms down your nerves and releases your tension to make you fall asleep.


You can also increase your energy levels by taking 2 grams of this strain. The metabolic speed of the users will also have an impact on the effect of this dosage.

But if you have never used Thai Kratom before, then it is advisable to start off with 2 grams before moving up to higher doses. This gives your body enough time to adjust and avoid some of the side effects that may be experienced.

Red Dragon Strain for Pain Relief

The dosage for pain relief must always be greater than 6 grams. This is a high dosage and one of the main effects you will experience is drowsiness. However, this is what brings gets rid of neuropathic pain.

Stress Management

The dosage for people willing to use Red Dragon Kratom as a stress reliever should start off with 3-4 grams. This should be the same case for anxiety attacks.

You can also increase the dosage depending on the intensity of the anxiety attack or the severity of the stress. However, the increase should be done slowly.

Conclusion: Who Is Red Dragon Kratom for?

Red Dragon strain is like Red Thai. Perhaps some vendors have mixed some other handpicked strains to make their Red Dragon Kratom stand out and lure customers in.

This strain is perfect for people who need a natural painkiller to take during the day. It will allow you to function and get the important tasks done.

Red dragon Kratom strain is a morning and mid-day strain since it gives you energy. Avoid it late at night so you can fall asleep.

If you like the sound of this strain you should grab Red Thai Kratom.

If you want a strain that makes the pain vanish and can promote restful sleep, you should take a look at the opposite: Red Bali Kratom.