Top 3 Organic Liquid Fertilizer For Vegetables, Lawns & Gardens

Without nutrients, water and adequate sunlight your plants won’t grow. Sometimes the soil is bad and in need of a nutrient boost.

If you plan to make a vegetable garden in your backyard, you must add the best source of nutrients. Liquid fertilizer is your best choice. In this article, I will explain the best organic liquid fertilizer for vegetables, lawns, and gardens.

What is Organic Liquid Fertilizer?

Organic liquid fertilizers are made from plants and animal by-products. It is not concentrated but only sourced from natural materials, hence the name “organic”. It is common to consist of crushed shells, seaweed, worms, etc.

It works by balancing carbon and nitrogen in the soil to boost fertility. Organic fertilizers are more expensive but safer for you and the environment.

Organic Fertilizers Benefits

  • Plants won’t get overfed because of slow absorption
  • Improves soil structure and creates a thriving environment for your plants.
  • Increase bacterial and fungi activity
  • Reduce toxins that build up
  • Healthier than chemical alternatives
  • Makes your soil ready for planting

The Best Organic Liquid Fertilizer for Vegetables

organic liquid fetilizer

Organic Liquid Seaweed and Kelp Fertilizer Supplement by Bloom City

Bloom city is my favorite tool in my backyard gardening box. Being an environmentally friendly company has made them produce fertilizers from only sustainable substances.

It consist of 7 spieces of algaes mixed together to promote healthy plant worth due to the fine algae enzymes. Not only is it safe for your plants, but also for your lawn and garden.

It is my top pick for ease of use.

For large areas, you want to use a hose-end sprayer. Fill the fertilizer into a watering can to make sure your plants get all the necessary nutrients.

I use a foliar spray because it will allow for quick nutrient absopriton for the plants. Mix it with 20-30 ml per gallon of water in any growth stage.

Seaweed kelp fertilizer is an organic choice for all types of vegetables.

Neptune Harvest Fish Fertilizer

Made from Atlantic fish. An all-purpose organic fertilizer made by preserving enzymes, fish oil, protein, amino acids, and vitamins.

This organic liquid fertilizer is filled with nutrients that will serve you and your garden well because of a great NPK balance.

You can use different application methods. I use foliar sprays for small vegetables. Don’t worry, it will come with instructions to make sure your backyard garden will thrive.

Neptune fish fertilizer requires to be diluted with water before you use it on soil or foliar leaves. Works on any type of soil.

Only use this organic liquid fertilizer immediately. Don’t store the diluted fertilizer.

You can make 64 gallons indoors and 32 outdoors.

This is my favorite fish fertilizer because, unlike other fish emulsions, this one doesn’t smell bad and makes you nauseous. Works well if you plan to garden indoors.

Bloom City Organic Earthworm Tea Concentrate

Another liquid fertilizer from Bloom City. Fully organic and packed with plant-loving nutrients is best to feed your plants.

I use this because it enables the digestion of organic materials. It is also protective from stress.

You can use it as a compost starter or apply it to your soil. Both ways are good to ensure healthy plant growth. Different mixing requirements are necessary. Read the instructions before you use it.

This fertilizer works on any plant. I use a foliar spray but you can also use hose-end sprayers. Both methods ensure you create a thriving garden.

This liquid fertilizer for vegetables consists of many indigents. The main one is the earthworm microbe tea. A mix of black molasses and Washington worms. Elevate your soil and your plants have a stable foundation to thrive on.

Before You Buy Fertilizers for Your Vegetables

Organic Liquid Fertilizer For Vegetables and gardens

Before you rush and buy organic fertilizers, you must know the basics first. This can make or break your garden.


You can buy fertilizers in different sizes. Always buy one that won’t last longer than needed.

Some plants need different fertillizers for growth stages. Don’t stock organic fertilizers because they will become bad and useless.

How long do you need it? Measure your garden and how often will you use it. These questions helps you pick the right product.


Organic fertilizers are food for your plants. Important for the survival of your plants.

Harmful ingredients are not only bad for your plants but also for your health and well-being.

The organic fertilizers listed here are all great for you and your plants.

NPK Level

NPK basically consists of 3 key ingredients in liquid fertilizer. Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

These are essential ingredients for a proper and thriving garden. Iy will hinder diseases and pests to form.


Some organic liquid fertilizers have limited time. Before you buy one make sure it has a lifespan to complement your needs.

Why Use Organic Liquid Fertilizers

  • Harvest healthy plants
  • Works in any weather
  • Fast to use and you’ll see results faster
  • Low risk of over-fertilizing
  • Allows for an even application
  • Safe to use


By using organic fertilizers you ensure that you and your plants are living healthily. They may be more expensive but it is surely worth the price. Why pay less to make you sick?

If you are hunting for the best liquid organic fertilizers for your vegetables and garden, then don’t look elsewhere because these are handpicked by experts.