Top 6: Best Nootropics for Creativity

Creativity is enhanced when you’re able to focus and use your creative part of your brain.

Nootropics for creativity won’t make you the next Picasso, but they will certainly help.

Here are my favorite nootropics that can to that.


Aniracetam is a fat-soluble Racetam compound centered around creativity and holistic thinking.

Known for “putting the pieces of the puzzle together. Aniracetam enhances blood-flow within the brain. It’s also thought to improve right brain function.

It acts as a positive AMPA modulator and reduces the rate of receptor desensitization.

Aniracetam mainly works to improves memory, learning, mood, and energy by stimulating key neurotransmitters. It binds and promotes synaptic release of Acetylcholine. Ease anxiety, improves mood, and energy by stimulating dopamine and serotonin.

This is what makes Aniracetam stands out in the creative thinker’s toolbox. Free your mind from clutter and paint.

Your creativity thrives when you’re in good mood. It allows you to be in the flow and remember new information.

The powder taste is bitter. You need to take Aniracetam with fatty acids since it’s a fat-soluble nootropic. Kriisoil are high quality source – Better absorpiton rate than fish oil.


Coluracetam and Aniracetam are both Racetams and influence creativity. The difference is Coluracetam’s sensory-enhancing properties. Scientist believes it works on visual processes leading to optic benefits.

Colors and sounds seem more vivid and alive.

Human research lack. But it seems to improve cognitive function in rats. Coluracetam appears to interact with high affinity choline uptake (HACU). The process that draws choline into neurons to synthesize acetylcholine.

Check out my coluracetam experience when I wrote some music.


I guess you’ve already figured out nootropics that ends with acetam are Racetams.

Piracetam is popular among students and writers. It allows you to think outside the box. Plus, enhancing writing and verbal fluency.

Piracetam works by improving communication between the right and left brain. This allows logical and creative thinking flow and work in harmony.

It’s used as a medecine to treat cognitive impairment and improve longevity.

Piracetam is a basic nootropic. Works best stacked with Aniracetam if you aim for creativity. Try to mix 2000mg Piracetam with 500mg Aniracetam and 400mg Alpha GPC.


Phenibut is a potent nootropic used for its anti-anxiety effects. Popular for social anxiety. But also to improve sleep pattern and cognitive performance.

The most important aspect to be creative is the ability to focus and enter the flow state.

Phenibut acts as a tranquilizer and a nootropic. It’ll reduce stress, anxiety, fears, and improve sleep. Important to sleep well so your brain can make creative connections.

However, Phenibut doesn’t cause any creativity. But it’s an excellent choice to get clalm and in the flow state.


Noopept is a peptide-derived nootropic comparable to Piracetam but 1,000 stronger. Clinical evidence reveals it can ease anxiety and the adverse affects caused by anti-tuberculosis drugs. People buy it in hope to improve memory and learning.

It has shown be an effective nootropic to improve learning capacity. For some, it can also improve focus and concentration.

Noopept won’t induce creativy like the first one. But it’s a potent nootropic increases the amount of oxygen in your brain. And enhances glucose metabolism. This contributes to mental clarity and energy.


Sulbutiamine (also known as Youvitan, Enerion, Bisibuthiamine, and Arcalion). Derived from Vitamin B1, crucial for mood and cognition.

It’s popular for mootivation, mental energy, focus, and attention. Created for treating chroninc mental fatigue.

Great choice to add in the mix if you’ve writers block and want to think free. It allows you to finish your work with motivation.

Don’t confuse Sulbutiamine with Sibutramine, which is a pharmaceutical appetite suppressant.

Where to buy?

You can choose many stores to buy nootropics. Read this article and find the one that you think is worth your money. Nootropics for creativity work better if you don’t judge your work as you progress.

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