My Peculiar Experience with Kratom After Trying 8 Strains

As one who struggles with insomnia and bad sleep habits, this plant seems to have the once and for all solution. Sure it worked. The hard struggle is now part of the past.

But not everybody sees the light in Kratom. FDA and government organization works hard to quiet down and spread propaganda about the plant. Without going too deep why this is the case, one can spend weeks to conspire.

We know for a fact that pharmaceutical companies fund a huge portion of the FDAs budget. And government organizations must spend a lot of mental energy to try and hide important health information for you. But this is not a conspiracy post, I want to talk about what I learned about Kratom after trying a dozen strains.

The more I research Kratom the more I realize the promising benefits for people who cope with debilitating pain and addiction from opiates. Kratom helps people to put opiates like prescription medications for pain on the shelf. Prescription medications that form an addiction.

Benefits from Kratom are real. The web is filled with positive reviews. People live a life free from pain and cravings from pain medication.

My top 8 Strains

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Notice that these are my view and experience of Kratom. Kratom produces different experience for people most of the time. I wrote down my thoughts on each strain here.

Red Maeng Da

I did not know that the content of Kratom, a tree with leaves that consists of remarkable plant chemicals, could crank up good emotions within. After 20 minutes of 1 tablespoon using tosh and wash, I was feeling happier and excited about life. And the strains I tried after were not close as Red Maeng Das’ uplifting nature. But they are great for other occasions. Red Maeng Da is a top pick for pain and mood enhancement. But damn is the taste far more bitter than other strains. But it’s worth. Kratom is not meant to be tasted like wine.

Green Maeng Da

I could say positive things about Green Maeng Da but it would be a lie. For me, this strain is in the grey zone in my mind. Why? Because it only gave me anxiety. Will try in the future from another vendor.

Red Thai

The most stimulating strain I’ve tried. I looked it up on the Internet and blog; most told me that this strain is relaxing and good for sleep. So I get it to fall asleep, but it did the opposite. As one who is sensitive to stimulants, Red Thai keeps me awake all night. No sleep for me that night. This strain is best utilized in the morning.

White Horn

White horn is a good energizer. I was looking for a strain that could improve my productivity, but it failed. The effects were good for daytime use. The replacement I found is Yellow Borneo or Yellow Vietnam as it is also called.

Yellow Borneo

This is a strain I won’t give up. The energy and focus from Yellow/Gold Kratom is mellow and not too much in your face. The effects feel natural and I can’t tell I’m on Kratom while using this strain.

Red Borneo

This strain was like Red Maeng Da, but with drastically reduced effects. It’s like you turn down the knob from the horsepowers Red Maeng Da provides.

Green Malay

I was researching a strain that could enhance energy and reduce anxiety to stay productive. Green Malay fulfilled that need. I rank it at number 3. Red Maeng Da is 1, Yellow Borneo is 2.

Red Bali

Red Bali is not on a rank list because it is a special kind of strain that deserves its own category. I recommend it to anyone who deals with addictions from opiates. Red Bali has intense sedation and can put you to sleep. It’s a therapeutic strain to take in the evening hours, preferably after you come home from work and want to kick up your feet and relax on the couch. Let Red Bali take your pain away and when its bedtime, let it seduce you to sleep.

Last Thoughts About Kratom

I think Kratom is the best options for people who need pain relief from a natural source. Also, it’s the best herb to help people to take control of their lives and move away from prescription medications and opiates. People have successfully used Kratom to come of from Methadone and Suboxone. For me, I use it instead of coffee because Kratom doesn’t make me shaky or jittery. I also use Kava, only for the relaxing and sleep-promoting benefits. Kava deserves some attention as well.