Kratom and Coronavirus: What is The Connection?

People are trying to profit from the pandemic with overpriced sanitizers and making bold claims that certain substances are the miracle treatment for covid-19.

Kratom and Coronavirus in the News

One Kratom vendor claims that Kratom products can aid and even prevent Covid-19. The food and drug administration has sent a warning letter to them because of a false statement that there’s a compound in kratom called chloroquine has shown positive results to combat coronavirus.

It’s obvious that this company is trying to use the world crisis as a tool to gain more sales.  However, FDA ain’t no saints neither. Just because it’s a government organization doesn’t make everything they say is the truth. 

Why are people asking about Kratom and coronavirus? 

Kratom is good for the immune system. And a healthy functioning immune system means your body can defend from infections. But to say it can defend against coronavirus is not safe to say.

What can we say then? The use of Kratom to treat medical conditions is not a secret. 

When coronavirus hit hard the shelves with Vitamin C and D were quickly running out of stock. This is because these vitamins are crucial for the immune system. Green vein Kratom is also beneficial for the immune system.

With a life-threatening disease, it wouldn’t hurt to self-medicate with Kratom because of the anti-stress and anxiety effects it gives. Your immune system actually worsens when you are in fear and anxious.

Fear is something the mainstream media is good at. The mainstream media, almost like it’s designed to put fear into people’s minds.


Is Kratom a good treatment for corona? It’s a matter of perspective.

Kratom has antioxidants that help the body to recover from illness.

It is not a medicine for covid-19, but neither is Vitamin C and D.

People who are sick and need healing can certainly benefit from Kratom by lowering stress and anxiety and therefore restore balance to the immune system.

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