Do Shrooms Go Bad How to Store Yours Alive for 1 Year

Do shrooms go bad?

Yes, annoyingly quickly if you don’t know how to store magic mushrooms properly. Don’t worry, I will tell you how you can preserve the effects of mushrooms longer.

How Long Do Shrooms Last?

The lifespan is around 2 weeks, but you can significantly increase the life of mushrooms with proper storage discussed in this article.

First Crucial Steps Before Harvest for Maximum Lifespan

How long your friends live depends on how you treat them. Fresh spring water is better than tap water.

Crucial Steps:

  • It’s important to pick them carefully and at the right time so they last a bit longer
  • You must wear disposable gloves because otherwise you contaminate your shrooms and kill them quicker
  • Use a brush to remove dirt and debris from the mushroom
  • Place them in a paper bag or basket

If you still have some dirt then it’s good to wash them gently with cold water then let them dry for 30 minutes on a clean towel.

You want fresh because this gives you the best taste and experience.

How to Store Mushrooms

When you complete the steps then you might want to store them in your preferred way.

Freeze for 10 Days

Place your shrooms on an unbleached paper towel inside a paper bag and put them in the freezer.

This is a simple method if you plan to use them in the near future. If you don’t want to take them after 10 days you must dry the mushrooms to keep the effects intact. Don’t forget to check on them every day for mold.

Don’t even try to store wet mushrooms. This is a sure way if you do want your shrooms to go bad.

Dry for 1 Year

Drying is best if you want to store your shrooms for a long time.

  • Place your shrooms on a sheet or a wire rack
  • Dont let any mushroom touch eachother
  • Use a fan with gentle air flow towards your mushrooms
  • You can also sundry them if you live in a sunny place

Do this for a day until the shrooms are cracker dry. How long it will take depends on the climate and how much water is in the air. Avoid oven drying since this can damage the effects and make them worthless.

How to Seal & Preserve The Effects of Shrooms

You can store dried shrooms in different effective ways.

If you don’t want to get overboard with this you can put your dried friends in a jar with silica gel packs away from sunlight. Use a tight mason jar as this has gotten the best response from people across the globe.

You can also buy food-grade silica packets.

This method is easy, cheap, and effective.


You can go further than jars and silica bags.

Shroom honey is tasty and easy to do.

  • Cut your mushrooms in small pieces with the sharpest knife you have
  • Place the pieces on an apporiate coinainer
  • Pour liquid honey over the cut shrooms and stirr occaisonaly to make them evenly coated
  • Seal and store in a dry, cool place away from sunlight

Check on them every8 hour to make sure no mold has taken over. You can also do this with fresh mushrooms but dried is better for lifespan.


Dried mushrooms coated in chocolate is another tasty method to keep your shrooms from rotting. This method is not recommended if you plan to store them for a long time.

Food Dehydrators

do shrooms go bad

Personally, I use a food dehydrator to make shrooms cracker dry then powder it with a coffee blender.

Don’t be afraid to spend some extra money and get yourself a high-quality dehydrator. When you harvest shrooms and brush the dirt off, you cut them in pieces and let them dry for at least 8 hours.

If you are afraid of losing quality, turn off the heating option. People say no need to worry but personally, I have seen a loss in potency with the liberty caps magic mushrooms.

Magic Mushrooms Pros and Cons

Psychedelic mushrooms alter your reality. This is only a positive because we all could need our egos being torn apart for personal growth.

Shrooms are effective to treat depression and heal brain structure that has been changed by depression

Shrooms are also effective to help to treat PTSD.

Magic mushrooms are not addictive but can help to overcome addiction to drugs.


Shrooms have gotten a bad name because of propaganda and misleading information by governments who are interested in making money by their own addictive drugs. But there are side effects you can get like nausea, paranoia and de-realization.


So, can shrooms go bad? Yes, they do, and fairly quickly if you don’t know how to handle them.

Make sure you harvest when they are ready and use sterilized gloves.

Freeze them if you plan to eat them within 1 or 2 weeks.

Dry them and put them in a proper container in a cool place away from sunlight if you want to keep the effects alive for at least 1 year.