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How Niacin for Depression Can Restore Your Happiness Chemicals

Never thought I use niacin for depression when I saw  it for the first time on the nutrition value on my Noccoo can, but I’m glad I did. Niacin is another word for nicotinic acid and Vitamin B3. It comes in two forms: nicotinamide and inositol Hexa-nicotinate. Both are effective to treat depression. All vitamin B’s […]

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3 Vitamin Patches Your Body Crave (The Shocking Truth)

Are you looking for genuine vitamin patches that aren’t crap? A common question is if they actually work. Here’s the untold thing: your skin is a powerful barrier. Only substances with small enough molecules can penetrate. Luckily, those vitamins and mineral that can penetrate your skin are extremely important for your overall health. What you’ll […]

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