Can You Smoke Kratom? Why Smoking Is a Doomed Idea

Can you smoke Kratom leaves? It’s possible but don’t do it because it will hurt your health in the long run.

The indigenous people in Southeast Asia know Kratom best. We can learn from them. Did they smoke Kratom? No, they know that to get the most out of the plant you either chew leaves or extract it.

In this article, you will learn why smoking kratom is a bad idea and how you can take it to get the strongest experience possible.

Effects of Smoking Kratom

can you smoke kratom

There are a few people who blindly tried smoking kratom and shared some common effects with risks of smoking:

  • Cough
  • Short lung capacity
  • Weak immune system
  • Lack of energy
  • Mild chest pain

People have tried smoking Kratom powder by sprinkling some on top of a rolled cigarette or cannabis joint without effects.

It’s clear that Kratom is not designed for smoking. There’re better ways to take Kratom.

I’m confident to say that the alkaloids get destroyed by the heat and make it worthless. You might as well throw it away.

Even if Kratom tolerates heat, you must smoke an insane amount to get the alkaloids in your system.

Some sell Kratom cigarettes mixed with other herbs. Good if you want to waste money.

It’s confusing when smoke shops sell kratom because people who are new to Kratom might think it is smokable.

Stronger Ways to Take Kratom

If you want a stronger sensation, you can get liquid Kratom.

Liquid Kratom

People who take Kratom regularly and want a stronger effect should try liquid.


Great and popular. Capsules are filled with the right amount for you to have a great experience.


Kratom tea is surprisingly effective. Some even put Kratom in their coffee.


If you wonder if you can smoke kratom then you should know that you shouldn’t. It’s bad for your health and the heat may damage the effects.

There are better ways to consume the plant. Liquid Kratom, for example, is a sure way to get the strongest outcome possible.