You can buy kratom online easy, but some vendors have strains other vendors doesn’t have.

That’s why I made this page to find the one you look for.

If you want specific vendors, try this post.


White Borneo

Green Borneo

Red Borneo


Green Thai

Red Thai

Maeng Da

White Maeng Da

Green Maeng Da

Red Maeng Da


Green Malay

Red Malay


White Horned

Red Horned

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  • Trev says:

    Which is best for my opiate addiction, 27 year old male?

    • B. Turner says:

      Hey I’m addicted to methadone and doc cut me off of al my pain meds ( still have the pain my disease is not curable so what was the point?) so found this site but they have it for all kinda of opiates and they show you how to get off them without bad withdrawal. He says red vein bali and mix it with the white vein bali and also drink kava kava tea for sleep and to get rid of anxiety take and something called Eliminateit that you drink once a day and once at night and it helps you and kills a lot of the withdrawals too. I’ll be ordering some in a few days. so ck it out.. lots of links there:

    • Bonnie Barney says:

      Red Bali really worked fr me

  • Deb says:

    I am so confused…. i have fibromyalgia, degenerative arthritis – dr’s office are no longer prescribing my meds.. someone told me about kratom, but there are sooooo many strains, i do not know which is best. went to a tobacco shop today, he sold me white vein something. but now reading, says its not for pain relief but energy. i need something for ridiculous chronic pain. please tell me what i should take and how much. thanks

    • wm says:

      well sounds like you dealt with a knucklehead , What he should have recommended is a red vain Bentuangie and or Maeng Da Your The issue is with your own unwillingness to do your own research ie Blame yourself.

    • me says:

      kind of a rude response below me – do some research but they all pretty much do the same thing – the differences are subtle at best – meanwhile replace your dr

    • Clover Spring-Newt says:

      I use red maeng da for my pain.
      Dosage depends on you and your pain. Start low and go up from there. Hope you find some relief.

    • Bonnie Barney says:

      Hi Deb, red Bali is the best fr pain Green maeng Da also helps….

  • Dan Austin says:

    What is the best and strongest Kratom? And where can I buy it in capsule form? Thank you

  • Lisa says:

    I have extream pain from fibro, arthritis, ptsd,anxiety depression with scitzo affects what can I use for pain.

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