Best Nootropic Stack for Memory (8 Genius Picks)


Do you ever lose your keys and forget where you parked your car?

Or walk into a room clueless why you even went there?

If you answer yes, don’t worry. Many people nowadays suffer from brain fog and decreased mental powers. And there’s a great solution. Nootropics can tweak your brain chemistry and enhance your memory abilities and drastically cut the fog.

Why This Stack Works

Each nootropic is carefully handpicked to stimulate the brain chemicals that have a huge influence on memory.

For example, sulbutiamine cranks up thiamine that has been depleted by alcohol and refined carbohydrates. Alpha gpc raises choline in the brain that other strong nootropics drain.

The Benefits of a Good Memory

Here are some good reasons why a good memory matters:

  • Increases productivity
  • Avoid misplacing stuff
  • Remember experiences more vivid
  • Improves focus
  • Learning is fun
  • Saves time and relationships

best nootropic stack for memory


Sulbutiamine is an exciting nootropic made by the Japanese. The two thiamine (vitamin b1) molecules are bound together by a sulfur group. Now it can cross the blood-brain barrier with ease, which makes it more powerful.

All vitamin B’s are good for the brain. B1 is important to convert glucose to energy in your brain. It’s also related to acetylcholine-like activities. Major neurotransmitter for memory and learning.

If you drink alcohol, I highly recommend you buy sulbutiamine. Low levels of B1 can cause certain brain regions that handle memory to deteriorate. For example, your power to transfer short-term memories into long-term suffers.

Sulbutiamine can improve your memory if you supplement consistently for a long time. I use sulbutiamine every day now for a month. Both short and long-term memory abilities have improved.

Another benefit is enhanced neuron-communication. This leads to more mental energy and improved thought processes. Works great in a nootropic stack for motivation and energy, too.

Next, we have a nootropic that fills your acetylcholine levels. Useful if you use THC or strong nootropics, especially Racetams.

Alpha GPC

Alpha GPC is a great choline source that can cross the blood-brain barrier and stimulate acetylcholine. Vital neurotransmitter for decision-making, focus, attention, learning, and memory.

You should add alpha gpc to all your stacks. Because strong nootropics drain choline from your brain, which leads to slow and confused thinking.

Balancing acetylcholine is key for better memory and learning.

Alpha gpc transports choline to your brain. Supports the growth of new brain cells. Improves the speed of recall and your ability to multitask. You can take 300-600mg each day. If you have cognitive decline, 400mg three times per day. [S]


Phosphatidylserine, PS for short, is made of amino and fatty acids. Found mainly in your brain. Essential for cognition and cellular health.

You’ll see PS in many popular nootropic supplements. Because companies know the true benefits for memory and concentration.

Healthy individuals will also prevent dementia and reduce symptoms of ADHD. [S]

The benefits of phosphatidylserine are many. It’s important for memory consolidation and recall. Cell communication. Problem-solving. Language skills. Locomotor functions and focus. Plus, it’s key to maintain a youthful brain.


Phenylpiracetam is modified piracetam. The added phenyl group allows it to penetrate the blood-brain barrier. Now it’s more energizing and powerful for memory.

This stack works best if you add phenylpiracetam. Because you’ll also get other benefits. Enhanced focus and problem-solving skills. Fights depression, anxiety, and the effects of sleep deprivation.

Plus the unique one, it increases your tolerance to cold temperature. Good for cold showers.

Phenylpiracetam is my favorite nootropic for learning. It does wonders when you are cramming for an exam.


The nootropics you’ve read about so far are enough powerful for your memory. But I guess you want to remember like an elephant. Then you should definitely add noopept.

Noopept can increase alpha and beta activity in all brain regions. And stimulate the growth of NGF and BDNF.

Brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) handles short and long-term memory formation.

Nerve growth factor (NGF) supports the growth, maintenance, and survival of brain and nerve cells. It’s also critical to forming new brain cells (neurogenesis).

Noopept will shine the bright light on your memory consolidation and retrieval.

After 1 month you’ll notice how easy it is to recall memories and events without effort.

Noopept was the first nootropic I’ve tried. Three bottles later, I still enjoy. Some people are snorting noopept. But you should grab nasal spray instead, it’s more effective.

Bacopa Monnieri

One of the most important herbs for brain health. The active ingredients, bacosides, can improve memory formation and recall.

Plus, protect the hippocampus, your brain’s memory center, from toxins caused by healthcare products containing aluminum.

The main mechanism of action is enhanced neuron communication and increased the growth of dendrites. Bacopa can also improve learning abilities, by improving spatial learning. Many people report better academic performance when using bacopa.

Nootropics to fix Cognitive Problems & Improve Memory

Feel free to add these two nootropics to your memory stack if you wish to spice it up. But it’s not a must. You should definitely add them if you have some sort of cognitive problems.


Pramiracetam is useful for young males who suffer from head injuries caused by drug-induced amnesia or anoxia. Because it has shown to heal memory loss and cognitive problems caused by brain injuries.

Healthy individuals will get positive results as well. Pramiracetam can increase nitric oxide to improve learning and memory

Nitrix oxide is recommended for neurodegenerative disorders. But too much is toxic for your neurons. Never take more than 400mg.

Pramiracetam can also optimize your memory formation and retrieval. Learning becomes faster and much more fun. You’ll also get more focus and mental clarity.


Coluracetam is originally made by Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma as a research chemical for Alzheimer’s. It can transport choline uptake in impaired neurons.

I use coluracetam as a creativity booster to write music.

Last Thoughts

This is the best nootropic stack for memory that gave me impressive improvements.

You will notice changes fast.

And after 3 months, you’ll still get enhanced brain function.

Make sure you grab pure nootropics and drink a lot of water.

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