The Best Nootropic Stack for Your Brain and Body

Finally, I can share my nootropic stack that I’ve experimented for a long time with you.

Editors note: you can find the best nootropic stack for memory here.

What You Can Expect from This Stack

This stack is designed to improve your cognitive function and overall well-being to a point where you feel a nice transformation. I thought it should:

  • Improve memory & learning
  • Improve focus
  • Enhance mood & motivation
  • Enhance creativity & the immune system
  • Promote well-being
  • Reduce anxiety

As you probably know…

There’s Alpha Brain. There’s OptiMind… And there are thousands of other prepared nootropic stacks for you. I’m sure these are great. But I’m more confident that you can invest in each ingredient one by one and create much more powerful stacks.

If you’re like me, you want the whole package, brain function, immune system, and no anxiety to handle mental task efficiently.

Here are the ingredients:

Now you see there are a lot of supplements here. A stack doesn’t mean you take all at once. You will get better results if you take them throughout the day.

Those marketed with ♠ are critical to have if you want this stack to work well.

Those without link I buy from Nootropics Depot. And those with are high-grade supplements from Amazon.

Alpha GPC

Alpha GPC is one of the best choline sources. It has high absorption rate and can penetrate the blood-brain barrier. One, sometimes two pills in the morning with breakfast works well to enhance focus and learning abilities. Alpha GPC can also promote neuronal health and improve signal transmission.


Sulbutiamine is modified from two theanine molecules. Now it’s more effective because it can penetrate the blood-brain barrier. Add this nootropic to your stack so you get more motivation and clean energy without feeling jittery. Sulbutiamine can also enhance memory after long-term use. But I included it for motivation and energy.


I was dabbling around if I should give this nootropic a spade or not. I think you should include it if you’re over 25 years old. Because as we age, Phosphatidylserine levels in your brain go down. It is part of your cell membranes, essential for cognition. Phosphatidylserine can improve memory—learning—concentration—and attention. A study you can read about here has shown that Phosphatidylserine can significantly improve symptoms of ADHD.

Phosphatidylserine consists of both amino and fatty acids. This is why it’s such a potent nootropic.

Improving brain function is also about stimulating what’s already inside.

Mucuna Pruriens (L-Dopa)

Mucuna Pruriens is great for balancing dopamine. It is a tropical legume that’s very rich in L-Dopa—L-Dopa is the precursor to dopamine, norepinephrine, and epinephrine. It can promote healthy neurotransmission function. And enhance your mood and immune system. Add Mucuna Pruriens to your stack if you feel that your dopamine levels need more attention.


Phenylpiracetam is a potent nootropic with psychostimulatory effects. It is a modified version of Piracetam—a group of atoms are added so it can penetrate the blood-brain barrier and be more effective and energizing. It’s an important ingredient in this stack because of the many benefits Phenylpiracetam offers. Focus, memory, energy, motivation, and neuroprotection. And the best part is that you can feel the effects, and that’s what makes this stack move.

Krill oil

Your brain is mostly composed of water, and at least 60% fat. Krill oil is a great source of essential omega fatty acids.  Omega is crucial for brain development for all ages. No matter if you’re 4 or 140.

Krill oil is better absorbed than fish oil. It’s also less toxic than fish oil. I included it here mainly because of the modern agriculture that has put the omega ratios to abnormal levels. Balancing your omega ratio is one of the best tricks you can do for your health and well-being. If you decide to do only one thing, this should be it.


EpiCor is an interesting supplement. The only mission it has is to enhance your immune system.


Noopept is the first nootropic I bought because I like potent stuff. It is a popular one that can enhance your productivity and memory abilities very well. But the main purpose Noopept has, according to scientist, is to stimulate the growth of neurons (neurogenesis). This will enhance your memory abilities, and also promote long-term brain health. Noopept has a short life span, the effects wears off after one hour or less. This is a good opportunity for you to have a productive hour.

Matcha Tea

Matcha tea is great if you don’t like coffee and want to start your day with something hot to drink. And if that hot drink should have caffeine in it, Matcha is your best choice. Unlike coffee, Matcha also consists of l-theanine. This combination makes you feel more alert and focused. But you won’t feel jittery or that crash coffee offers.


Kelp comes from seaweed and it’s very rich in iodine, an important nutrient found in every organ and tissue. It is good for your thyroid function and helps with hydration. Kelp consists of 46 minerals, 16 amino acids, and 11 different vitamins. It can also detox your brain and body from toxic metals like lead.


Probiotics are bacteria’s that help your body to transport food through your gut. And your gut is also your second brain. Your gut is responsible for producing over 20 neurotransmitters, including serotonin. Probiotics is often overlooked and forgotten.


Ashwagandha is a powerful adaptogenic herb that can rejuvenate your whole body. It also has nootropic effect that can improve your memory, social cognition—and stimulate neurogenesis. But that’s not why it’s included in this stack. It’s because of the adaptive effects that can be useful for people who work a lot and need to rejuvenate the system and disconnect from environmental and chemical stresses.

How to Stack Like a Pro

best nootropic stack

It’s best to start with one or two nootropics at the time, so you can discover what works for you. Hard to know what works if you take 10 different nootropics to experiment with.

Some people tend to go “all in or nothing” But at the end of the day they end up broke and confused.

Check out the stacks below if you’re looking for something more basic.

Best Nootropic Stack for Memory

When you build a nootropic stack for memory, include cholinergic and ampakines into the mix. This stack below  is powerful to upgrade your memory.

  • Piracetam + Aniracetam (or Noopept)
  • Centrophenoxine
  • Huperzine A
  • Sunifirarm or Unifirarm

Best Nootropic Stack for Studying

When you build a stack for studying, include cholinergic nootropics, and your focus agent of choice. This stack here is great if you want to upgrade your learning abilities so new information can stick in your brain.

  • Pramiracetam or Coluracetam
  • Aniracetam
  • Alpha GPC
  • L-Tyrosine
  • Ashwagandha (take it throughout the day)

St. John’s Wort & Ginkgo Biloba

best nootropic stack

Herbs are unique. They work, and when combined, they work in harmony to complement each other.

This stack is proven to combat memory problem, cognitive processing issues, and improve superior learning. Both work in harmony to eradicate toxins in your brain, boost serotonin and help you feel more intelligent and happy.

The recommended starting dose:

  • 30 mg Ginkgo (24% extract)
  • 150 mg St. John’s Wort

Pramiracetam & Alpha GPC

Alpha GPC and Pramiracetam is a great combination if you want to study efficiently.

Pramiracetam increase your focus and productivity. Strong Racetams also needs a good source of Choline. This is where Alpha GPC comes into place to make sure your choline levels are not drained entirely by Pramiracetam.


This stack is what I used and found useful. It is a stack that will upgrade your brain function and overall wellbeing to a point where you notice a transformation. Feel free to change or add your nootropics of choice, but don’t overlook those marketed with spades.

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