2 Best Mandelic Acid Serum 2023 (Transform Your Skin)

mandelic acid serum

Most people that try a mandelic acid serum are not happy with the results. This is because they don’t know which product to choose and how to use it.

Luckily for you, I tried a bunch to remove acne scars and sunspots.

The cells in our skin’s outer layer don’t shed as quickly as we age. This is why you can get unwanted wrinkles, uneven skin tone, and look pale and tired.

We can’t reverse aging.

But we can provide our skin with ingredients like mandelic acid to “perform a miracle”.

If you’re tired of that mirror reflection and want to get rid of your skin concern, here are the most effective mandelic acid serums that have worked for me and thousands of people.

Natural Outcome Mandelic Acid Serum (10%)

I paid $15 for this pure mandelic acid serum. A catch if you compare it to the overpriced junk that exists.

With this serum, I get an even skin tone. To be fair, I got smoother and brighter skin than any other serums I tried, like Niacinamide. Dark spots take a while to fade, but after three weeks, I saw the difference. Dark spots on my face are fading. Finally, I thought it was impossible.

One major reason I got this mandelic acid product is to reduce dark spots, get an even skin tone, and fade away acne scars. This product worked for me and exceeded my expectations.

If you read reviews about this mandelic acid serum, you will see a common story.

Many users say it brightens their skin. Customers are also pleased with the reduced appearance of pores.

This Mandelic Acid Serum Has Hyaluronic Acid.

Your skin already produces hyaluronic acid. Its job is to maintain water and hydrate your skin. It can hold up to 1000x its own weight in water. It also helps to maintain your elasticity and reduce wrinkles.

Dermalure Mandelic Acid Serum (20%)

I have gotten a lot of sunshine on my skin in my days. And this also means sunspots.

If you want to get your skin back to its youthful gleam, this serum is for you then.

This mandelic serum is also recommended for people who want to treat:

  • Rosacea
  • Cystic acne
  • Blackheads
  • Pores
  • Whiteheads
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Melasma
  • Age spots
  • Sunspots

I’m glad I bought this after I tried Natural Outcome’s mandelic acid serum. I wanted to start with a low concentration and build my way up.

The strong formula in this bottle might not be ideal for sensitive skin. If you feel guilty, you can try a low concentration and work your way up.

Nonetheless, this product delivers outstanding results. If you buy this serum, make sure to also use a moisturizer.

How to Use Mandelic Acid Serum for Best Results

Start slow and work your way up with mandelic acid serums.

For sensitive skin, start with 5% or 10% and then move up to 20% and then to 30%, up to 50%. You’re less likely to provoke irritation or redness if you give your skin time to adapt.

Do a patch test and see if it irritates your skin or triggers allergic reactions. If you choose a reliable brand, you’ll be fine because they use high-quality mandelic acid.

Apply mandelic acid to clean and dry skin. Put a small amount evenly on your face, avoiding your eyes.

Tips for Using Mandelic Acid

Additional tips for your mandelic acid use:

  • Mandelic acid should not be used in conjunction with other exfoliating agents such as retinol or salicylic acid.
  • Use it at night to avoid sun exposure or use sunscreen with at least 30 SPF

What is Mandelic Acid?

Mandelic acid is an alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) you’ll find in bitter almonds. Mandelic acid serums have a larger molecular size compared to other AHAs, like glycolic and lactic acid. This is suitable for sensitive skin types. It penetrates your skin more slowly and is gentler than other AHAs.

Mandelic acid breaks down the rope between dead skin cells and allows bright and smooth skin to appear.

Benefits of Mandelic Acid

All skin types can benefit from Mandelic acid.

  • Gentle Exfoliation
  • Anti-Aging Properties
  • Improves Skin Texture and Tone
  • Treats Acne

Potential Side Effects of Mandelic Acid

Mandelic acid is considered safe for most skin types, but like any skincare product, it can cause side effects for some. These may include:

  • Redness and Irritation
  • Dryness and Flakiness
  • Sun Sensitivity


You can use Mandelic acid serum to improve your skin’s texture, tone, and appearance.

Plus, you’ll get an anti-aging gentle exfoliant. Look at your acne and scars one last time, because they’re going away.

Use sunscreen during the day. It’s safe for most skin types, but there are some mild side effects.

Start with 10% mandelic acid and work your way up.