Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil for Dog Hair

Natural alternatives got popular since their beneficial aspects became visible. Modernity has led to the success of organic drugs that are health-oriented tools. Scientific research supports the effects of hemp plants to improve the health condition of humans. They are a blessing of over 5000 years that people used them for personal wellness and herbal use.

Hemp-derived products have gained massive reach since their commercial production began. Scientific data reveals that hemp seed oil is beneficial for dog’s skin and hair. However, queries occur regarding its use over dogs and other pets.

Pet owners consider the use of natural supplements for their furry friends. Hemp derivatives lead the list of dog wellness trends. Though each hemp product varies from one another, their benefits are unique and health dominant. Studies suggest that hemp-based pet supplies estimations might reach beyond $125 million in 2022. Its fatty acids and antioxidants benefit the dog’s coat and skin.

Hemp seed oil is a convenient supplement for dog’s comfort that you can buy from It acts as a protective shield against allergic microorganisms and variable weather conditions. The safety and trust that hemp offers are unbeatable. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits and specifications of the particular oil.

What is hemp seed oil?

Hemp plants are the source of many oils and substances. You might have heard of the term- hemp oil. There are two oils :

Hemp seed oil and CBD sleep oil relate to each other but are different. One must know that both of these oils are free from the psychoactive THC compound.

  • Hemp seed oil- Hemp seeds are the source of this particular oil. It is free from cannabinoids that are naturally occurring compounds. These compounds help humans and dogs to manage various functional activities. The industrial hemp plant seeds release oil via a cold-pressing process.
  • CBD oil (hemp oil) – Cannabidiol oil is the essence of hemp’s stalks, flowers, and buds. The hemp seed oil has little or no traces of CBD. On the other hand, best CBD for dogs contains high Cannabidiol content and little THC content.

 Hemp seed oil is not suitable for pain relief and psychological disorders because it has no cannabinoids. Then, the question arises:

How is it helpful for dogs? Let’s dive into the features of hemp seed oil that boosts a dog’s hair health.

cbd oil for dog hair

Hemp seed oil benefits for dogs

1. Relief from anxiety and stress

Anxiety, stress, and depression bring tension not only in humans but also in pets. Everyone is back on their hectic schedule and leaves their pets alone at home after lockdown. Dogs have received constant attention during the phase of COVID years. Sudden loneliness impacts their psychological behavior. Other than this, firecrackers that are a part of celebrations scare your canine companion. Loud noises make the dogs feel uneasy. Hemp seed oil is a boon to resolve these pet struggles. It is a powerful healer for a pet’s health that allows the dog to enjoy multiple benefits.

  • Powerful antioxidant

It is troublesome and sad when your furry friend gets sick. Hemp seeds are rich in Vitamin E and Vitamin A that empower the immune system of dogs. It makes them able to fight any toxins that they might consume in their day-to-day life.

  • Gut health and overall wellness

Many pups suffer from tummy health issues. Their appetite seems weak, which implies that they need a new health supplement. Hemp seed oil is highly digestible that helps dogs to extract nutrients for their sensitive stomach.

  • Anti-inflammatory properties

Chronic irritation makes dogs suffer in pain. Several disorders cause these health issues in dogs. The hemp seed oil has antibiotic properties that alleviate inflammation in dogs.

  • Weight management

Overweight dogs suffer from severe health issues. It feels sad to see them grow overweight. Hemp comes as a handy tool with the presence of GLA content. They boost the body’s fat-burning mechanism.

How does hemp seed oil benefit a dog’s skin and hair?

1. A healer for skin infections

Seasonal changes cause toxic effects in your furry friend. Dog’s skin becomes dry and flaky due to dust, chemicals, and unbearable weather conditions. It affects fur coats and gives rise to problems, like dandruff, fur dryness, and more. The vitamins of hemp seed oil heal the internal and external health of your canine companion. It protects the pet from breakouts of skin conditions and keeps them full of moisture. It brings a sense of fullness that decreases the hunger cravings of your pet. Hence, it resolves the overweight issue in pets.

  • Fur loss resistant

The essential fatty acids: Omega 3 and Omega 6 keeps the pet’s cell membrane healthy. Their presence enhances moisture in the dog’s furry skin. Hemp seed oil consumption strengthens the hair and leads to stimulation of hair growth.

The dogs can experience nourishment in their skin with hemp-derived seed oil. Your roaring pet can experience EFA benefits on oral consumption of hemp seed oil. It often acts as a protective barrier to the fur on topical application.

Potential risks of hemp seed oil for dogs

Hemp seed oil is safe and effective for your furry friend. It is a healthy supplement that you can add to your dog’s diet. It is non-psychoactive and reliable because it has zero THC content. The fat content of this oil is similar to chicken. So, one must not add a chicken-based diet because it will lead to overconsumption of fatty acids. The dietary imbalance might occur and cause harm to your canine companion. One must consult a veterinarian before adding hemp seed oil to the pet’s diet schedule. Also, it is necessary to make sure the dosage amount is considerable for your pet dog. Whosoever cooks food for the pet must know that hemp seed oil becomes rancid upon heating. It can upset your dog’s stomach and cause problems, like vomiting and diarrhea. Add hemp seed oil to the food after cooking to remain on the safe side.


Hemp seed oil is a complex health supplement for dogs. There are plenty of hemp-derived oils that are available in the global markets. However, hemp seed oil is convenient as a dietary regime that helps your dog excel in healthy living. One must take advice from a vet before making changes to the diet of your canine companion. Precautionary steps will make sure that the hemp seed oil is safe for your four-legged friend. Also, the dosage amount varies according to the pet’s weight and immune system. So, professional interaction is a must to improve your pet’s health. A dog’s hair and skin play a core role in its lifestyle. Aging and skin allergies lead to fur loss and damage the fur shine. So, hemp seed oil is the appropriate remedy to resolve such problems. Your dog will experience healthy hair strength and super shiny skin with hemp seed oil.