Bali Kratom Review: Only Strain You Need? (Secrets Uncovered)

Bali kratom, a well rounded and cheap strain cultivated from the nearby island in the Borneo province. A must try for any kratom lovers. It grows quickly. The leaves are bigger than most strains. This leads to more kratom powder and lower price tags. You can get two potent variants: baik or the rare but fine bali gold kratom.

Let’s see what this strain is all about and if it can satisfy your kratom needs.

Cheap But Not Weak 

Even if bali is cheap and easy to produce it doesn’t mean it’s weak. Far from it. The vein color matters a lot for bali kratom. Pick the right one from a quality source and you’ve got a strain you won’t retire anytime soon. Red vein bali is the strongest. Premium commercial bali is also a favorite and perhaps the one you should get if potency is a must.

Why Take Red Bali Kratom?

bali kratom

Do you suffer from pain? Want to sleep well at night? Bali kratom can help you in these areas.

Take bali kratom if you want to relax after a hard day. Don’t take it in social situations because it’s better suited as an individual therapy kratom. 

Bali Kratom Effects

Bali is a slow, relaxing strain almost like narcotics at higher doses. It acts as a mild stimulant at lower doses. Recommended for new users because there’s a low risk of side effects.

Anxiety & Analgesia

The dominant effect is analgesia, or more straightforward, pain relief. Bali is one of the best kratoms for pain because you’ll also get relaxation and reduced anxiety. Pick red vein for strong analgesic effects.

Mood & Appetite

Some people get more appetite while other reports that they can’t touch the food. You need to see for yourself what your body responds too. Usually, you’ll get increased appetite if the strain comes from a quality source.

Have a nice meal 2 hours before you try bali to get the experience you deserve.

Benefits of Red Bali Kratom Capsules

Capsules can be worth, if, the source is right. You can also make your own. Buy empty capsules and fill them with powder. I like capsules because you can easily consume it without making a mess in the kitchen. Bali kratom capsules from Purkratom are high-quality.

Red Bali Kratom

Red vein bali is the best type that can kill pain, anxiety, and relax your mind and body. It’s a popular strain because of the cheap growth process and potent effects. The effects don’t last long compared to other strain, people buy high quantity to make this up. But red bali is a perfect strain for pain relief and improving your mood. It holds the effects a medical kratom should have.

Green Bali Kratom

Green bali is not as good as red for pain, and it’s less sedating. This is good if you want to kill pain and anxiety without feeling overly sedated. The effects are stimulating and relaxing. Good for daily use, but not as good as the white vein. 

White Bali Kratom

If the growth process went smooth, a white veined bali strain can provide you with pain relief and a great portion of mental clarity. That’s perfect if you need to use your brain in your daily life without suffering from pains of any kind.

You can also take white maeng da and green bali to get pain relief and an effective brain. 


The stronger the strain the less you need. Bali isn’t the strongest out there. You can follow this guide below to get the experience you deserve. Remeber that your body chemistry is not like anyone’s else. So, you might need less or more. Start low and then move up by 0.5 until you find your sweet spot.

kratom dosage chart


Bali kratom is a good strain if the source is right. Commercial bali is better than the original. And gold is also high on the list. Take bali strains if you want to kill pain and anxiety and improve your mood. Make sure you get bali from one of the best places to buy kratom so you get your products as fresh as possible.

It’s not the strongest strain, but definitely worth trying. If you’re looking for stronger ones look for thai kratom or green malay.