10 Amazon Nootropics That Are Waste of Your Money

If you thought companies pay people to write positive reviews on amazon nootropics and other products just to boost sales.

You’re right!

Go and take a look at Neuro Ignite for example. For the naked eye, it seems compelling with 4 stars and the best seller tag.

You can easy exploit the truth with tools such as Fakespot – get the chrome extension here.

After you install you should have this magnifying icon among the other extensions. You can use the tool on any amazon product to spot fake reviews.

amazon nootropics

Try it and you’ll see something like this.

amazon nootropics

You can also detect if the company is legit.


There’re tons of fake reviews out there. Nootropics is a huge evergreen business and some will do all sort of things to make a quick buck. Who knows what’s inside the supplement? Some people report side effects such as blurred vision, headaches, and insomnia.

Amazon Nootropics to Stay Away From:

  1. BioScience Nutrition Brain Boost
  2. Neuroignite
  3. NeuroPeak
  4. Dr. Tobias Mind Rise
  5. Bayberg Brain Booster
  6. Surefocus
  7. Sixth Senth
  8. Neural Edge
  9. Neuroenhance
  10. Bradeson Natural Brain Booster